Munch Cafe, Kilpauk - A CFG Showcase

"Coffee saaptigalanaa?? Tiffin saaptigalanaa??" A famous movie dialogue runs in my mind the moment I come to hear about a new coffee shop in Chennai. Looks like Chennai is catching up to the Barista culture. Loads of coffee shops are opening up, from standalone new ventures to big giant enterprises. I was at one such new venture recently for a meet. Munch Cafe! An unassuming cozy coffee shop located inside the DLF building in Kilpauk. It is the heroine of this tale.

I have always imagined and wished a coffee shop brings in dishes which one would see in an English sitcoms. I don't mean the regular Sandwiches and Pastas, but different items. This is the first cafe I have come across in Chennai, to serve Churro. Just like the ones Joey had in Friends! The churro was served with a drizzle of caramel sauce and chocolate sauce on the side. I would most definitely return just for these.

They serve a variety of shakes and their Lindt Chocolate shakes are to die for. I had the Cafe Latte. A true latte lover in me wanted to sample em! The brew was perfecto! They serve up some delicious sandwiches as well, if your in the mood for a quick bite. If you were to order one, I would truly recommend the brown bread sandwich over the regular ones.

They have a big block of a chocolate cake which resembles the tiny cake at Sandy's and a tasty Waffle. A small talk with owner gives me an idea of what is in store for the future. I had a small idea which I passed it along to the owner who seemed to be on the same page as me. A savoury waffle such as Waffle burger! :P Yes that would be different.

Cozy and neat ambiance!

The price points here is very reasonable. Infact seeing the price of Lindt Chocolate shake I was shocked that I had paid a similar amount at another cafe in 2008. It should cost around Rs 300/- for two.

Munch Cafe is located inside the DLF building diagonally opposite to Apollo First Med, Kilpauk.

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