Shaack, Anna Nagar - Night Delivery

Drawbacks of clicking takeaway food when you are totally hungry? Total loss in creativity! Check pictures above. Only one thing runs in your mind. Tummy, you will need to wait for another 5 seconds. Anyways coming to proceedings, having had great burger & delicious sandwich the previous night from my current favourite (Foodycall) midnight delivery service, I was wishing to try a new joint Shaack just to have comparo of sorts. Maybe next time a shoot out between the two?? With the tasty burger from the previous night fresh on my mind, I wanted to know how this burger and sandwich fared.

My regular order in a midnight delivery service is Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Burger. Some how this seems to work best for me during the late hours. If I am adventurous I go with the beef variant of the same. Anyways here I had Chicken Burger with Chilly Billy sauce and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. First the good news. I loved the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. If fact I thought it fared better than the one from the FoodyCall. Loads of Mayo, topped to the brim with chicken so that every bite is filled with the delicious chicken and finally fine toasted bread to finish it off. Now the bad part. The burger was a total disappointment as it was highly recommended by food affectionados. I was hoping for a grilled patty but was let down by a patty which looked like a cutlet. Also the topping, the chilly billy sauce, was not spicy to the level I had expected. Apart from this grouse, it had a great bun which did not crumble away and the veggies were just fine. I also had built this image were the juice from the meat flows all over your hand on biting the burger, which just did not happen. They do have a Sloppy Joe and Mexicana variant to the burger. I hope to give another try with the sloppy joe variant.

The service was really quick. Order to delivery in 30mins flat as guaranteed

One burger and a Sandwich cost me Rs 402/-

Food - 7/10
Service - 10/10
Price - 8/10

Shaack does delivery from 11am to 4am the next day.
Call on 044 - 8144277035

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