Masala Klub @ Beyond Indus, Taj Club house, Mount Road

Rich Indian food which is associated with parties and weddings are usually heavy and oily to maintain their richness. Imagine the same Indian dishes still rich but with a European twist to make the food a little bit healthier!! Enter Masala Klub. A new infant in the Taj group which follows the philosophy of healthy cooking. To introduce Chennaiites to this new world is Chef Chandan, the speciality chef from Taj West End, Bangalore. A small conversation with the chef and it brings to light his humble nature and from where he draws inspiration for the meal.

The course started of with a Pani Puri. It was no ordinary Pani puri, instead of the regular sweet pani this had a small twist. A pineapple flavoured pani which was totally different. Loved it. Then came the starter platter, with sooper! soft pan seared sea bass, juicy cheesy chicken kebab called Bhunna Lasson de Murgh Tikka and finally a Palak kebab. And each different from the other ! 

Then came the main course which had Pataila Mutton curry, which I thought was just average, then Anardana anhinga which was an absolute killer, which had fresh prawns in Kashmiri chillies topped off with pomegranate. I loved the way it had a blend of sweet and spices. Then Nadru Aur Singhada which was a water chestnut and lotus stem curry. Flavors were really new to me. I would recommend it over the mutton curry. Finally there was the Dal Indus which was nice in its own way but when you begin comparing it with Dal Makhani, I think it does not stand a chance. To go with this we had assorted Indian breads. Of the lot served, Chili Olive Naan was a stand out.

We were stuffed by the end of the main course, but the dessert was in a totally different league. Anjeer Halwa, Mixed fruits and finally a sinful coconut ice cream.

After the end of the meal, and  after most of our company had left, we requested the chef for a small portion of Golouti kebab, which is part of the Masala Klub menu but was not served to us. We are suckers for Golouti kebab, after having tried it all over Chennai, I just could not resist sampling it here as well. 

I must thank Chennai foodie and Fazil for staying back and also convincing me to stay back to try this.This is the best Golouti Kebab I have ever had. It was absolutely decadent. Fit for the royals. Mutton is known to be fibrous, but this was pounded to make it feel like a dream. You would not believe, it was so soft, a spoon was sufficient to cut it through. Put it in your mouth, shut it and live the flavor.

A mix of contemporary and Indian design sets the atmosphere for this lovely restaurant.

A meal for two should cost an upwards of Rs 3500/-.
Masala Klub menu is available upto June 22.

Beyond Indus is located inside Taj Club House on Mount Road.

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