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I had been to New Town Cafe recently with a couple of my friends and I had loved the fusion food which was served here. So I took my Mom and Bro here for dinner recently. This time around I was engrossed in trying out the Malay cuisine served at this place. We started of the proceedings by ordering drinks for our thirsty throats. My bro picked Strawberry Ice Tea, whereas my mom picked an Orange Granita and myself picked a very not so healthy Mango Milkshake. Both the Granita and the milkshake tasted fine whereas the Strawberry iced tea's taste was totally disappointing.

Apart from that one bad Strawberry Iced Tea, the other dishes on the table on that the day, rocked. We had ordered  Chicken Canai Wrap and the trusted Stuffed Chicken Leg Mughalai Style. Both the dishes were fabulous. The Chicken Canai wrap had a mild spicy flavor to it. With 12-14 pieces on a plate, this portion can feed 4 with relative ease. We had also ordered for a Smoked Chicken Sandwich, the sandwich as such tasted great, but it was lost in all the flavors which was present in the other dishes.

For the main course too we decided to go with the Chicken Mei Goreg, Roti Canai Chicken and Crusted Chicken with Taragon Sauce. Roti Canai was delicious, it had a late spiciness to it, giving it a deep in your throat spicy feeling. The Roti was super soft and fluffy. Chicken pieces too were small and tasty. Both the other dishes tasted great and were similar to the previous time I had, had it. We were soo stuffed, that we skipped deserts.

The meal for four put us back by Rs2222/-. All of us loved the food, including my mom, who felt satisfied after the meal. The food is a proper malaysian affair.

Food - 8/10
Service - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 8.5/10
Price - 8/10

New Town Cafe is located in Injambakkam, Opposite to VGP on ECR.

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