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Pheeeew!!! 50th Blog post. Finally reaching 50th Blog post in 8months since it all began. Feels really great to be able to put forward my views on the food I eat, I relish and I love. So I thought for a while and decided Fusion 9 shall be my 50th post.

Fusion 9 had invited selected blogger of CFG for a food tasting session. We were here to try out the new menu which has been introduced in Fusion 9. When they mean new, it looks new and also the prices are a little cheaper. I would not say pocket friendly, but definitely an improvement over the earlier prices. The menu was extensive and we got to sample all types of cuisine. The problem with Fusion 9 is there is very little ambient light, which makes photography very difficult. I was practically talking to my camera to shoot a picture. Good thing we were seated near a TV, so I was able to use that light and shoot some images, without the use of a flash.
We were offered Irish Apple Juice as a welcome drink. The exact description of the drink would be as follows. A tropicana apple juice with a little sweetener added and some pieces of apple and lime. I would have been happier with a simple apple juice. At times when we do too much to a drink, its not a great drink.


The first dish to be served to us was Watermelon with Feta Cheese. My GOD!! this dish was orgasmic. The sweetness of the watermelon and fluffy cheese complimented each other. To top that the watermelon was fresh. An absolute must try.

This was followed by us sampling the Cheese Broccoli. The cheese was well infused in the broccoli making it a lip smacking dish. With two lip smacking dishes I wondered what was next.

We were served with Felafel and Pita Bread. Felafel to me is a exact copy of the South Indian favorite Vada. The Hummus dolloped on top of Pita Bread and the Felafel made it good but I am not a big fan of the Felafel.

Next came the F9 Signature Joojeh Kebab with Garlic Cream. For those who love the Iranian Jeejoo Kebab from the old menu, this is the same kebab with a name change. The taste was the same as before. Mind Blowing!!. Loved it. Definitely a Signature dish.

After my favorite kebab, we were served with Sicilian Rice cakes with Mushroom and Smoked Scamorza Filling. Firstly it looked like ball instead of a cake. Guess they got confused between cake and a ball and second the Smoked Scamorza Filling was a little over powering. The smoked feeling was more like BBQ. Some loved it, I felt it was just decent.

This was followed by a Spiced Tofu Katsu with Crispy Rice Noodles. The outer covering was brilliant, but the tofu did not imbibe any of the spiciness leading to the tofu being bland while the outer covering rocked.

We were offered Oriental Lamb Potstickers and also Dukkah Basa Skewers. The Lamb Potstickers was not to my liking, neither did the accompanying soy sauce help it. The Basa Fish Skewers had so many things going on with so many spices. Loved the taste of it, also the fish was really fresh which was value added to the dish.

After so many starters I started feeling a little full. But we had another 6 courses of meal to go through. By this time the restaurant started filling up. Crowds began to occupy the seats around the restaurant. We had a small breather before the next dish was brought to our table, this gave us a time to catch up. Next we got to sample the Roasted Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Dill Mayo. This was one dish which was totally wrong. The Potato was roasted with the thick skin and also the peas in the salad which was not properly cooked, coupled with the mayo which gave it a very acidic taste.

After a bad salad we were served with Corn Chowder and Chicken Soup and also Prawn Bisque Soup. Both the soups were awesome. Very creamy.

Now we were served with the a round of Pastas. A sun dried tomato Fusilli and a Grilled Chicken Penne. Both the pastas had nothing great to write home about. They are best described as decent. Wished they were a bit creamier.

This was followed by Grilled Veggies Pizza and a BBQ Chicken Pizza with Pineapple. One bite of the the pizza transported me to some old memories, like the pizza from Shakey's Pizza. Loved the taste of it. The pizza is not comparable to pizzas at Tuscana or Fresca, but a little different, with the base being soft on a thin crust. Also they were creamy and cheesy.

At this point I was almost full. This is when we were served some tasty steaks. Basa Fish Steak and also Pesto Stuffed Chicken Steak for the non-veg and Panner Steak with Cous Cous for the veggies. Panner Steak was on the firmer side. While the Basa Fish was outstanding. The fish was fresh and full flavored. The Chicken Breast had so many things going on, in it. Even though the taste was good, it would have been better if they had gone for a simple dish.

Next came the F9 Thai Chicken Curry and Veg Curry. Since I did not have any space left in my stomach, I took spoon of both. The dishes were very Thai. They had a deep pungent flavor and late spiciness to it.

A word of advice to people dinning here. Please do not mix too many cuisines. The mixing of the cuisine makes your taste palate a little numb and it is really difficult to appreciate if the dishes.

Finally came the deserts, I was so relieved that we did not have to consume anymore food and also we were in the final course of the meal. The deserts looked like they were straight out of Sandy's. So no comments here. They were spot on. By the end of the meal I look around, the place is still crowded at 11pm on a Tuesday.

An average meal for two would cost Rs 1200/-, which is good value in a fine dining restaurant.

Food - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 7.5/10

Fusion 9 is located in Hotel Aruna which is soon to be named as Fortune Aruna on Sterling Road.
Hotel also houses Mainland China restaurant.

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  1. Didn't know they had revamped the menu... Shall definitely check it out soon...

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