Bliss Chocolate Lounge, Bangalore

Weather at Chennai is usually hot, hotter and hottest. The same cannot be said about its counter part in Karnataka. It is really difficult to find a sultry day in Bangalore. On my recent visit to Bangalore I had big time cake craving. So while roaming around in Forum Mall at Koramangala, I came across this place Bliss Chocolate Lounge.

It was located next to the escalator, and it looked fancy with nice dim lighting. So I sauntered in and ordered a cake named  'Coral of the Ocean'.The cake looked blissfully beautiful. On some occasions a beautiful product does not necessarily translate into a tasty product.

The cake had nice sweet outer hard chocolate. The chocolate was the way I liked. The cake as such was drizzled with white chocolate flakes and filled with white chocolate & dark chocolate cream with an almond dacquoise between the layers of cake. The first few bites were blissful, even though I felt it was little too sweet. By the time I consumed half the cake, the sweetness of the cake started to get to me. I found it hard to finish the cake. I guess the piece of cake is made for two people. By the time I was done with it, I wanted to wash down the sweet taste with something very spicy.

This single slice of cake is priced at Rs 150/-. Which is pretty expensive. I cannot really comment on the quality of the other cakes here. The pricing of the cakes are pretty steep. A single slice of Black forest cake is Rs 130/-. They do have a variety of chocolates as well, which look really beautiful.

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Price - 6.5/10

Bliss Chocolate Lounge is located in the ground floor of Forum Mall, Koramangala. They do have branches in other malls in Bangalore.

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