Mash Grill, Haddows Road - Burger Wars

My hunt for some lip smacking burgers took me to my next stop, Mash Grill. I remember eating here a few months ago, and I loved the sizzlers. This time around I was here to try out the burgers. I have become a sucker for some juicy, yummy burgers. I reached Mash along with my brother and his friend, and was relieved to see a good valet service to park the car. We were seated in a nice and cozy spot.

Myself and the friend decided to settle on Mint Lemon drink, while my brother ordered Pineapple Litchi concoction. The lemon mint drink tasted like lime mint cooler which we get from fruit shop. The pineapple and litchi combo was nice, but I felt the litchi flavor was a little over powering.

I picked the Slick Chicken, which is a lemon drizzle chicken which I had on my previous visit. But felt it was a little undercooked, the chicken was a bit chewy in consistency. The taste too was not as great as the previous time. Then we ordered for a  Chicken Aada. It had a bread base with a  chicken and cheese topping. I loved the dish and also the two who accompanied me felt the same too. 

After a good round of starters we picked 'The Burgers' which we wanted to attack. I settled on Steak Chicken burger, while my brother chose BBQ Chicken Burger and his friend picked Mash Classic Chicken Burger. My Steak burger was kind of sweet, and felt good in some areas and not so good in the other. I also felt it was not really juicy enough. I had a bite of the BBQ burger and I felt the same about it as well. But it did have a BBQ flavor to it. Then finally I sampled the Mash Classic, it was nice cheesy but it failed to impress me. A round of the burgers and I felt that I have had better burgers else where.

Then finally we decided to have a Cheese Filled Crumb Fried Chicken ( Don't remember the actual name ). This was really delicious. I was actually expecting it to be very heavy and cheesy, but it was just right. The cheese did not over power the taste of the chicken. It remained crispy even after the time we took, in consuming the burgers. All in all, the dish was very juicy and full flavored.

At the end of the meal, I came to a realization that if I were to visit Mash again, I would stick to the grill items. Though the burgers were nice, they failed to impress me. The meal for 3 put us back by Rs1670/-. 

Food - 7/10 ; Burgers ( 6/10 )
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Mash Grill is located on Haddows Road, near the Passport Office.

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