Sandys Chocolate Laboratory, Wallace Garden Road

I have been on a quest to find some tasty lip smacking burgers. This hunt has led me to various places, trying out various types of burgers from the street stalls to some big restaurants and also venturing into making my own burger. I had heard from Mr. Chennai Foodie, that Sandys had introduced burgers,  and that kindled my interest to try them out.

I headed a little late in the evening with a friend, who had just eaten his lunch at the Subway. So we decided to walk around Kadher Nawaz Khan Road for a bit, to get our appetite up. After a couple rounds loitering around, we headed into Sandys thirsty and hungry.

My friend got himself a watermelon juice which tasted like watermelon juice. You really cant expect a mango taste in a watermelon juice ( LOL ) . I got myself Virgin Mary mocktail, it tasted like spicy tomato, salt and pepper concoction. I seriously hope Bloody Mary is better than this. Maybe I should stick to ordering the things I know.

Now coming to the burger bit,  I had a Chicken Red Curry Burger. There is a Cheese Burger which is made of Beef but I did not pick that, as it had bacon in it. Coming back to my burger, it was a nice big burger with good amount potato wedges. The potato wedges remained nice and crispy even after I was done clicking it patiently. The burger itself was mouth-watering, with a  nice mustard hit to it. I made a mess, by spilling it on the table. My friend had a Chicken Shawarma. This was simply delicious, with loads of meat and again the same crispy potato wedges.

Lesson learnt from this meal was that,  I should never have burger, when I am out to impress someone as I am bound to make a mess of it. The meal set us back by Rs 870/-. But kudos to Sandys for making Burger and Shawarma every bit a gourmet food.

Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Cost - 7/10

Sandys is located in Wallers Garden Road, opposite to Harley Davidson Showroom. They have another branch at C.P. Ramasamy Road.

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  1. Sounds yumm and i always believe eating a burger should be a messy affair.. if nothing spills, oozes out, then it is boring or dry ;)

    Nice meeting you last evening!