Kryptos by Willi, Khader Nawaz Khan Road

Greek cuisine is a mediterranean cuisine, sharing characteristics of the cuisines of Italy and Turkey. When Cheese, Olive Oil, Breads, Eggplant and Yogurt combine together to produce fusion food, it is bound to be good. I was at Kryptos by Willi, for the formal unveiling of the bi-lingual menu of the restaurant. At first I thought it was going to be English and some Greek letters on the menu, but it was surprise to see Tamil subtitles in the menu. This was the first time I have came across a menu which had description of the food in Tamil. It was really interesting and funny to read the description in Tamil, as I had forgotten how to read Tamil. I must say it is a very brave move by the management to add Tamil to the menu. Kudos to the management for this decision.

Coming to the food, I had left the Vegetarian dishes alone, for the veggies to judge them. To start the proceedings there were varieties of dips with pita bread. My favorite was clearly Hummus. My love for hummus has been on the rise and this day was no exception. We were served either Ice Tea or Tangy orange drink. I stuck to Ice Tea  It was nice and soothing to the throat. Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian Meze Platter were served on the table. The Non-Vegetarian Meze Platter comprised of Lamb and Aubergine rolls, Kotopoulopithakia and Crispy fried lady finger fish. The fish looked nice and golden brown. I took a bite expecting it to cooked right through with the bones being crispy. But to my surprise the bones were not crispy and that brought down the experience. The lamb rolls were juicy and delicious. Kotopoulopithakia is chicken apricot and feta. This was my favorite in the platter. It tasted heavenly, it had a nice phyllo pastry covering, which made it crispy. Think of it as a small and expensive looking puff. All in all the platter was very decent.

After the Mezze Platter, we were served with different variations of Potato. There were Wedges, Mash and Potato with sour cream. I selected the wedges, which were very crispy even after I was done clicking. There were also decent amount of salads. Of all the vegetable salads I distinctly remember the brilliant veg.club sandwich, I just loved it. There was also a cheese ball which tasted divine. I gave the other salads a pass.

We had some mouth watering choices for the main course. Kotopoulo me pilafi, is chicken breasts roasted with garlic and mint. The taste was luscious and I enjoyed having it. They also had Kolios sto fourno ( I am not using any bad language here ) which is an oven baked mackerel. I was expecting really big things from this dish, but it was a little disappointing, when I consumed it. The fish felt it was under cooked. It was chewy and rubbery, also difficult to pierce with a fork. The highlight main course was the Meatballs in tomato sauce. This dish was a gastronomical delight. It had nice soothing sweet trace. I am pretty sure I consumed atleast 3-4 meatballs. There was a garlic rice which I avoided. I washed this sumptuous meal with a Coke. The can was made to commemorate Sachin's 100 centuries.

After the lip smacking food, we had the deserts. The Chocolate pie was top-notch. It was moist with good amount of chocolate flowing when I tried to cut it with a spoon. If you are a choco freak, you would love it. There was also a Baklava, which was sticky with loads of honey drizzled on it. It tasted nice, but I have had better and even richer versions from the middle east made of Camel milk.

The ambiance is really wonderful with nice music playing in the background. They a big 20 seat table in the middle of the restaurant which can be used if you come in as large group. The place had a nice rock and granite decor which gave it a rustic feel.

A meal for would set you back by Rs 1600/-. If you love greek food or if you are in the mood for something different give Kryptos a try. I am sure you would return home impressed.

Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Cost - 7/10

Krytos is located in Khader Nawaz Khan road, right opposite the old Mocha.

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