5 Senses, KNK Road

If you want to splurge on a special occasion and are on the look out for contemporary food in a place with sleek ambiance, look no further.  5 Senses is the place for you. This contemporary Mediterranean restaurant has the 'IT' factor to make the day special. The restaurant has numerous images of yesteryears Hollywood stars on the walls, which gives you the feeling of dining with the stars. There is a nice L- shaped mocktail counter, also a fabulous patio with LED lights twinkling like the stars to set the mood  and modern furniture to go with it. The modern style does not stop there, it heads into your menu which looks like a travel guide. The menu is a rich mix of food from France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Lebanon and other countries around the mediterranean sea. One look through the menu can have you confused on what to order. Lucky for us,  Chef Jiten himself was present to help us through.

We were served some of the softest breads. It tasted awesome with a dash olive oil, vinegar and creamy cheese. After which Divyan jumped in and started of the proceeding by ordering Spanakopita, but unlucky me, by the time I was done clicking the pictures, spanakopita had vanished. Chef went about ordering the rest of the dishes for the evening. Panka Crumbed Jalapenos was crisply fried, and tasted amazing, the cream, added taste to the Jalapenos. I had got myself a Caramel Mudslide to quench my thirst. But I must say, the drink was not to my liking, it was way too light. Some other drinks which made the rounds were Hot Chocolate, Iced Cookies, Mid Summer, Watermelon & Habanereo Tea.

After the scrumptious jalapenos, I sampled the stuffed mushrooms. It was soft, tender and juicy, with a fabulously crispy outter covering, which was more like the local Bajji!. After such excellent vegetarian starters, I wondering, what could be in store for the non-vegetarian section of starters. Just when my thoughts went wandering and also as I was getting a bit mesmerized by the flavors, we were served with Chef's Non Veg Sampler and Tapas Platter. One platter had lamb on skewers, batter fried prawns, chicken wings, and crumb fried fish, while the other had smoked salmon and mushroom bruschetta The smoked salmon, batter fried prawns and the crumb fried fish made me go ga ga!. Each item on the platter had its own unique taste and flavor. And the presentation of the dishes rocked.

After the wonderful starters, we ventured to the main course. My favorite dish by far, among the main course was, the Smoked Salmon on Fusilli. Guess I have become a sucker for Salmon. The salmon was torn into small pieces and mixed with the pasta. The smoked flavor was well incorporated into the fusilli as well. This dish was the fastest to disappear off the table. Very, very delicious and an absolute must try. The other pasta to be served for us was the Chicken Skewers on Spaghetti. The chicken was well cooked and juicy with loads of flavor. When mixed along with spaghetti, it was fantastic.

After some lip smacking pasta, I tried the Lamb Chops and Lamb Tagine.  Both the lambs were well cooked, making them very tender and juicy. The lamb chops had copious amount of flavor and tasted fantastic with the green chutney. The Lamb Tagine tasted a bit different, with a gravy kind of base. Both the dishes were served with Couscous, which was very similar to Upma ( a local dish ). Last but not the least, there was a very delicious lip smacking Veg. ravioli,  which had a  mild chilli hit to it. I would definitely want to try the veg. ravioli the next time I am here.

No meal is complete without desserts, and we were served with Alphonso Creme Brulee and Callebaut Crostata. Some people were disappointed to see that the Creme Brulee did not come in the traditional crispy top form. But I did not mind it, and gorged on the lovely mango and bailey ice cream combo. Callebaut Crostata seemed the favorite among the lot. Crostata was like a chocolate tart. The chocolate flavor was deep and very rich. The ice cream and tart duo was heavenly.

This maybe my the 6th visit to 5Senses. On my previous occasions, I just could not click a proper pictures, because of the dim lighting, lucky today we were seated in a hall with bright lights, so voila you have some lovely pictures to see. During my 1st visit here, I was literally in tears seeing the NANO portions served here. But they seem to have improved the portions a bit. It seems to have moved from Nano portions to  about-normal portions, which seems just right. The pasta portions seemed large and the pizza retained its proportions. They have maintained their top quality and also the fabulous presentation. Would I visit again? YES! With a big smile.

Food - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 8.5/10
Price - 7.5/10

5 Senses is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, next to Barista.

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