Nandos, Phoenix Market City, Velachery - CFG Showcase

Whenever a new International fast food joint enters the town, there is much fanfare, with people wanting experience it's unique flavor. For some it might be just a visit to compare the Indian outlets standards with an International one. While for some it might be their first experience. For me it was the latter.

Before I start explaining about the food. I want to put this across. Nandos does not serve South African cuisine. They are actually a South African based company which serves Portuguese Peri-Peri style food. Peri-Peri or Piri Piri is a chilli which is the main essence of Nandos. The scale of spiciness can be customized. It ranges from bland Lemon and Herb to Extra hot. I personally would not mind the extra hot, since I am used to having really spicy food. But for the people who are not, please stick to Lemon and herbs or just a level up at the mild phase. Some would feel that the dishes are a bit lemony, but thats how it is meant to be.

When it comes to the food, I would recommend to stick to the signature dishes such as the Espertada Rustica - served on a long skewer drenched in the sauce of choice and the Cataplana. Burgers and the Pita wraps are fine, but you do not get to relish the deep flavors of the chicken. Also if you are a Liver lover, do try the Chicken Livers and Portuguese rolls. The flavor is simply awesome.

Located in the ground level of the Phoenix Market City, this is the first mall based food joint to throw up an outdoor dining. The decor is posh and screams out luxury! With the furniture being funky and with numerous wall paintings, dining here can be called a luxury experience.

Since this was a Showcase event cant really talk about the service.

A meal for two should work around Rs 1000 to 1200/-

Nandos is located on the ground floor of Phoenix Market City.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places

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