Copper Kitchen - Iftar Pack 2013

 I have been trying out the Iftar Packs from different hotels, this Ramzan. I was stuck in college with a duty upto 8pm. This gave me the opportunity to the try the Iftar pack served in Copper Kitchen, Porur. I placed the order over phone and the person on the other end of the call was more than happy to explain to me about the contents of the box. Since Shawarma was not a part of the box I decided to order one separately. Also as I was eating alone in my car, I could not take proper pictures of the entire box contents.

The Box contents:
Fresh Juice - 1 glass
Bottle water - 200 ml
Dates - 2
Assorted Fruits - 1
Kheema Samosa - 2
Shawarma Sandwich - 1 Half
Tandoori Chicken - 1 piece
Haleem - 1 container
Chicken Kothu Parotta - 1 container
Mutton Biryani - 1
Sweet Sauce - 1 very small container
Mayo - 1 small container

The entire box costs - Rs 275/- net
First this box has a different group of target audience and I feel they might have just got the box right for the intended group. The box has a mix of both old school items such as Kothu Parotta and Biryani and a blend of the new such as the Haleem and Shawarma Sandwich which could tempt people to order them separately.

Good things first, the stand-out for me was the Sharwarma sandwich, which is the shawarma chicken packaged inside a two slices of bread and toasted. This is something new to me, because I am used to having it in a roll. It was a little soggy by the time I had it, but still worth it. The Kheema Samosa was nice. It was like having samosa in buhari hotel during the early 90's. The fresh juice which came along with the package was a fresh made watermelon juice, which was perfect and refreshing. The Tandoori Chicken was really juicy and very spicy and this is the right thing to serve for Iftar. Mutton Biryani was nice considering it was hotel made. I was also happy that they stuck to serving Tamil style biryani instead of the other variations. Now coming to bad side of things, the Chicken Kothu Parotta lacked flavor and the Haleem was a disaster, it was liquidy and was more like a mix of mutton and tomato.

Other minor elements, the package even had mouth refreshers and a couple of tooth picks which is a neat addition. Is it worth Rs 275, just maybe, since the intended audience might like it.

The Chicken Shawarma which I had ordered separately was huge, in-fact the contents were  about  to spill out. The chicken was creamy and juicy but it lacked authenticity. It was more like their own version of a shawarma.

Food - 7.5/10
Price - 8/10

Copper Kitchen is located in arcot road next to porur signal.

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