Blue Diamond - Iftar pack 2013

Iftar is the time when we dine together as a community, as one family and I believe in such a practice rather than heading to a restaurant. So I picked up a couple of Iftar boxes from Hotel Blue Diamond to break my fast.

The Box comprises of the following:
Juice - 1
Nombu Kanju ( Porridge) - 1
Dates -2
Chicken Cutlet - 2
Iddiyappa Biryani - 1
Assorted Fruits - 1
The entire box costs Rs99/-

Now this at Rs 99/, is a price which many restaurants are going to find it difficult to match. If you are thinking of  ordering this for a whole bunch of people,  it is the best option available. Coming to the contents:  The Nombu Kanji ( Porridge) is heavenly. Nombu Kanji is a spicy porridge with a bit of every thing in it, rice, dhal, vegetables and non-veg pieces. Nombu Kanji has been on the Iftar menu for years and years in Tamil Nadu. One full bowl of this porridge would satiate one till the next meal. Please note: Haleem a new entrant from Hyderabad is not part of this box. Coming to the Blue Diamond Iftar Box, the chicken cutlets in it, have the right amount of spiciness. A lovely delicacy for the people who have abstained from eating the whole day. The Iddiyappa Biryani, has a south indian masala twist to it which is decent in taste. Then there is a bit of  fruit salad, two dates, a sachet of tomato sauce and a tetra pack of cooling juice to wash all this down.The entire box is true value for money and one box is more than sufficient for a person.

Food - 7.5/10
Price - 9/10

The Iftar special box is available from 5pm onwards.

Hotel Blue Diamond is located on E.V.R Perriyar Salai next to K.J. Hospital.

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