Cafe Latte, Anna Nagar

After seeing a pic of the burger served here at Cafe Latte on CFG page, my taste buds went on an overdrive. I was salivating, my stomach went into spasms seeing it. The urge to have this amazing looking burger was the only thing in my mind. So I headed here along with a friend, only to realize that  that pictures can be deceptive.

As this was going to be burger only visit, we ordered the Chicken Burger.   We also wanted to munch on something while our burgers arrived so we ordered a Chicken Satay. Then as the waiter described  the delicious Pana cotta, we ordered one of it as well.

The Chicken Satay was really spicy and pungent. It came minus  the peanut sauce which comes as an accompaniment and it did not have a drizzle over it. And the burger was poor imitation of KFC Burger. The burger lacked love and soul, even the tomato and lettuce inside it was soggy. Hope they could improve on this. The fries served along was alright. Finally the Pana Cotta was only the saving grace. It was quite exquisite with perfect balance of richness and flavor.

This premises of the cafe is awesome. It has seating similar to the old Amethyst with a mix of Mocha with fabulous facility for car parking. Now if only they could improve on the food.

The dude who served us was quite knowledgeable about the dishes. But we were the only ones here, I dont think I would rate it on this visit.

This short snack set us back by Rs 900/-.

Food - 5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - NA
Price -4.5/10

Cafe Latte is located in Anna Nagar, in the road perpendicular to P.R.N.& Sons.

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