Moti Mahal Delux, Nungumbakkam - A CFG Showcase

I am returning back to the CFG Showcase scene after a long time and what better way than heading to the restaurant which pioneered the Butter Chicken Masala and the well known Tandoori Chicken. Even though I had visited Moti Mahal earlier, this was one opportunity I was not going to miss.

Usually when I write about a showcase dinner, I go on ranting about all the dishes served. But this time I want to try something different. I ll make it short and sweet. The dishes which I liked the most. Nothing more or nothing less, just the ones you need to try.

Of all the starters served, the following were sinful to my palate. I am not sure, how others would rate it. But I seemed to like them.
The Tandoori Chicken was simply fabulous. It was a perfect blend of masala, spices and color. I have had so many Tandoori Chicken else where, but ended up having regurgitation because of the masala. But it was not the case here. Loved it. Would have it 'N' number of times. 

The next dish which wowed me was the Chicken Kastoori Kebab. It was a tender boneless chicken cooked along with silky soft egg coating. A must try I would say. 

Next up I loved the Panner Tikka. I am not big fan of Veg. food, but this panner just blew me away. It was so soft and heavenly. The best paneer I have ever had. The secret to it, it's really fresh and a direct procurement from Hatsun dairy farms. 

Finally I loved the Hyderabadi Chicken, I am hoping I caught the name right. This dish was mildly spicy and was welcome change when compared to other dishes which are just right.

There is nothing better than having the Butter Chicken Masala along with the assorted rotis. This was what was served to us. I just loved the flavor the chicken had. Off the lot of assorted roti, I must say the stand outs were the Garlic Naan, Butter Naan and the Chilli Roti. If you guys go as a group, I would suggest you guys try the above mentioned roti. I am pretty sure, one would not be disappointed.

The Mutton Biryani served here, is standard affair. It was very much similar to the Biryani which one would be used to in North India. I am pretty sure if you like the Tamil Nadu style you will not like this.

Last but not the least, one should never leave Moti Mahal without having their Kulfi and the best I have ever tasted Paan Ice Cream. I have had paan ice cream all over the town and I am pretty sure this is the best one, one can have. It has nice deep taste to it.

If you guys love North Indian Food and are a sucker for kebabs, this is a must have restaurant. I do wish they have a small buffet offered on some odd days.

The place stands true to my previous verdict, very subtle and neat.

A decent meal for two should cost around Rs 1200/-

Moti Mahal Delux is located in Jaganathan Road, in the same building as Sam's Pizza.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places

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