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The name Taj Mount Road, brings back a lot memories of the lip-smacking desert buffet which I have had at the club house restaurant. This desert buffet was once part of our night retreats when I was doing my undergrad. But this time, I was here at Taj Mount Road for a CFG Diners Club at Kefi. Kefi is a mediterranean restaurant which is located on the top floor of Taj Mount Road. The recent addition to Kefi is the outdoor dining around the pool, called Levantine Lounge. I have my reservations against this outdoor dining ambiance during hot summer but that night was just cooler and it was fine by me.

As a part of the CFG Diners Club we were served the buffet and unlimited beverages of choice. The entire meal is priced at Rs 999/-. The bright aspect of the meal is the choice of Cold Mezze and Salads. Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Prawns, Salmon and Mussels - that about covers almost all the available non-veg species. I avoided the Mussels since I have never had them before and was too scared to have an allergic reaction in front of a relatively unknown crowd. All the cold cuts melted in the mouth right away. Special mention : "The Salmon was kick-@$$" . Then there was a selection of mediterranean cheeses such as Feta, Smoked Cheese and Brie. All perfect, aromatic, creamy and tasty. Also the assorted breads served were top notch. A combination of the cheese with the cold duck and wrapped in the bread was just awesome. From the veggie end I loved the Plum Tomato served with Parley and a small portion of goat cheese. Hummus was fantastic, this being the best hummus I have had so far.

Food was great up until this point, The Charcoal Grill Lamb and Chicken were decent, with chicken tasting better than the lamb. Then the food seemed just about average.The Prawn Tagine, was a little off, not sure if this is the way it had to taste. Then we were also served with a Grilled Fish with small portion of Stuffed Ravioli. The Ravioli was decent while the grilled fish was salty. We were also served a sample portion of Chicken Shawarma, which had the same stuffing from the charcoal grill.

Then the desserts picked us up! The best parts of the buffet were the desserts. Chosen selections of dessert samplers were served to us. There was crispy yummy Baklava, cheesy Kunafa and absolutely tantalizing pudding called the Muhaladia. Loved them all. In fact I went on to ask extra portions of the indulgent desserts.

The ambiance is here is absolutely brilliant, worth every penny you spend. Save this place for your romantic retreats.

Taj is know for their courteous service, and this dinner was no less.

Priced at Rs 999/- this buffet is a mixed bag of goodies. But the ambiance alone trumps over the other pitfalls.

Food - 6.5/10 (only starters and deserts 8/10)
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 7/10

Kefi is located inside Taj Mount Road on the rooftop.

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