Corriyander, Applettree, Tirunelveli

On my recent visits to Tirunelveli I got the chance of dinning at the Corriyander housed inside the swanky looking, newly opened hotel called the Applettree. Yes! the name has a double 'T' in it. The hotel is posh and looks apart from the regular crowd in Tirunelveli. On an another note, I got to see Varalaksmi Sarath Kumar there.

Corriyander is located on the ground floor of this posh looking place. We were group of nine people, who walked in without reservations. Thank heavens in Tirunelveli, we dont have same kind of sunday out-door dining habit as in major metros. We got seated with ease. We started the dinner with a soup. The majority chose to have the Naatu Kozhi Rasam (slurrp), while my brother and sister-in-law chose to have the Sweet Corn Chicken Soup.

I had driven a solid 660kms and the constant A/C on my face was giving me a sore throat. All this sore throat trouble vanished after a few sips the Naatu Kozhi Rasam (country chicken soup). It was Hot and Spicy. It gave me a quick relief from my troubled throat and helped me enjoy the rest of the meal. The Sweet Corn Chicken Soup on the other hand was thick and creamy, rich with pieces of chicken mixed in it. 

For starters we had Tandoori Platter and Honey Pepper Chicken. I just loved the Honey Pepper Chicken, it was a welcome change after the spicy soup. While the tandoori platter had assortment of the major species. The Tandoori chicken was great, prawn was a tad under cooked, fish was soft and tasty,  while I skipped the mutton sheik kebab which my mom said was great.

After the tasty starters we headed to main course with lot of expectations and sure we were not disappointed. We ordered Chicken Tikka, Mutton Rogan Josh, Jumbo Prawn batter fried and assorted Indian Bread. Also a Mutton Biryani just to sample its taste. Since I liked the Honey Pepper Chicken, we asked for another portion of it. I personally loved the Mutton Rogan Josh with the Tandoori Roti. Mutton Rogan Josh was not true to its name, but it tasted great. The Mutton Biryani on the other hand was medium spicy and decent. The jumbo prawns were the best of the lot. They were so fresh, having just arrived from Tuticorin that very day. We hogged to our hearts content. We were so full, that we had to skip dessert.

The restaurant had an upmarket feel, something which I did not expect in my native town.

Service needs a little bit of tweaking. The waiters need a bit of training, guess they will reach there soon .
The meal for the group of nine cost us Rs 2500/- which is really cheap considering the amount of food we had.

Food - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 7/10
Price - 8/10

Corriyander is present inside Hotel AppleTtree which is located on North-By pass road in Vannarpettai

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