ID, Phoenix Market City, Velachery

Roaming around in Phoenix Market City can definitely get you tired. After spending solid 5 hours in the mall and finally deciding to pick up only one pair of sandals can most definitely irritate people who accompany me. Given the wide options available in the complex we chose to dine at ID, since we were in the mood for some crispy dosas. The restaurant was crowded but we found seats without much difficulty.

Food was served in typical ID fashion on stainless steel metal plates with a selection of chutney. I chose to go with the Onion Rava Dosa, my favorite and apparently the fav of my dad as well. While my friend chose to have a Plain Dosa and just incase we were not full after the dosa we ordered a Podi Dosa. As usual, I added Sweet Pongal. I have this habit of having something sweet while having a dosa or idly.

All three dosas were crispy-soft not super crispy types. Guess there was a time gap between making the dosa and service. The sambar was a little off, it just did not add much taste when dipped in it. The chutney seemed alright. Loved the coconut chutney and the tomato chutney. They had the right spiciness. The Sweet Pongal was medium-sweet not the rich types that I was expecting.

Finally I had a nice filter coffee to wash down the taste. The coffee was served in traditional dabora set. The coffee was spot on, loved it!

ID had the typical ambiance which one might be used to at Satyam Cinemas. A high counter around the kitchen and dining area all around.

The service was perfect, with waiters all around waiting to help you.

The total damage for this meal was Rs 400/- Price seems just about right.

Food - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 7.5/10

ID is located on the First Floor of Phoenix Market City, Velachery

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