Yoko Sizzlers, KNK Road

On a lazy Thursday evening, some of my friends decided we should meet up. So I suggested we meet  in the evening at a coffee shop. My nice friends said we should meet up by 6pm, but whenever I rang them up and asked if they were ready, they kept postponing the time from 6pm ( Coffee ) to 8:30pm ( Dinner ). So we ended up meeting for dinner. The place we landed up was Yoko Sizzlers.

The name can be pretty confusing, Yoko. One would wonder it to be a chinese restaurant, nope it's a sizzler joint. We entered Yoko after walking around a bit in KNK Road at around 8:45pm. We placed our order and sat back.

We had placed an order of Yoko Drumstick chicken as starters. It came in real quick. We took a bite and it was very salty. We called the waiter and asked him to replace it. He took the dish back and came immediately asking if he could replace it with something else. Within few minutes we got batter fried chicken. The chicken had a crispy outer covering made of egg and nice soft chicken center. It tasted nice, cant say anything more about it.

Then we had ordered Sizzlers, I had gone with the T-bone Sizzler and my friends had ordered for a Chicken Exotica and Chicken Shashlik. Sorry for the bad footage I really did not want to spoil my camera's lens. Coming back to the food. The T-bone sizzler was well done and throughly cooked, and had a peppery hit to it. T-bone is supposed to be the most prized cut of beef with the Short Loin and Tenderloin. I loved the consistency and the softness of the meat. Then I took a bit of the Chicken Exotica. It was a little less peppery than mine and again a well done steak. But somehow I felt both the steaks had a similar sauce in it. Then tried a little of Chicken Shashlik again felt the similar taste. Nothing personally wrong with the steaks, but could have exhibited a variety. The steaks here are huge with large portions of meat and veggies and huge helpings of fries. So it's a bit large to consume and definitely bound to be wasted. On the whole I felt the food was average and nothing great to rave about. The service is really good and the waiters being mostly north eastern people did not find it difficult to communicate which seems to be happening in most places.  This is just my thought, it could be different for others.

Food - 6/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Price - 7/10

Yoko Sizzlers is located in Khader Nawaz Khan Road opposite to Currents (Apple Store) in the same building as 3 Kingdoms and Kebabs.

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