Donut Feast 2012, Donut House, Ethiraj Salai

Blueberry Donut

Contestant - Kamalika

Contestant - Priya
Contestant - Vasumathi

Cheering the Contestants

Judges looking on!!!

One Donut Ready

Donuts in the making

Ingredients to a Healthy Donut

Contestant Kamalika with her masterpieces!!!

Kamalika's presentation!!!!

Corn Flakes Donut

Strawberry Donuts
The WINNER!!! Zesty Lemon Donuts

Healthy Donut

Contestants explaining their creations to the judges

Judges ready to announce!!!

THE WINNER HARINI with Bhuvanesh
I was present along with the other members of Chennai Food Guide ( CFG ) at the recently concluded Donut Feast at the Donut House. This was a nice event organized by the Donut House to get the people motivated into making donuts and also tickle their creative cells.

More on the event. The contestants where asked to send in an innovative donut recipe, and if the people of Donut House liked it, they got to make it in the kitchen of Donut House on the final day of Donut Feast. Also, It would be named by them. I would have loved to come up with a recipe , but having to make it in the kitchen, along with other people, thats a definite no, no!!. I am very clumsy with stuff and bound to drop things and make a mess of the kitchen. You guys need to ask my mom, as to how the kitchen ends up once I am done using it.

The event was judged by an elite panel of judges with Parvin ( Food Critic ), Nanditha Sasidaran ( Sugar Hut ) and Mohammed Ali ( Chennai Food Guide ). The judges scored the donuts based on :

1. Creativity
2. Presentation &

The contestants were narrowed down to 4 from the various recipes which was sent to the Donut House mail. Each contestant had to make two donuts which had to be unique and creative. The contestants were :

1. Vasumathi
2. Harini
3. Priya &
4. Kamalika

The contestants had a choice of Donut buns which they could work with
1.Regular Center Hole Donuts
2.Shell Donuts - which are hollow on the inside

Contestant Vasumathi was the only contestant who felt and said "why should Donuts be a fatty stuff? "
She had worked up a healthy recipe with a Prunes, Almonds, Figs and also Sesame seeds. Just the healthy stuff which I do not like. All these ingredients were made into a paste like consistency. The paste was applied on the bun and decorated. I took a bite of the donut, and somehow I liked it. This is definitely one donut which stood out in terms of creativity.

Contestant Harini was the youngest of the lot. She gave a very humble request to all the fellow bloggers , not to click a photo of her. Maybe she was superstitious or just camera shy, thats a question which needs to be answered. She had gone in with two different versions. One was made of cream and strawberry and the other was made of cream and lemon zest. When I took a bite of her Lemon Zest Donut, I knew it was a winner because, by the time I had put it in my mouth and turned to grab another piece, it was all over. The strawberry one was also good. But it just could not beat the Zesty Lemon Donut.

Contestant Priya had gone in for kid friendly donuts. She had chosen the shell donut buns over the regular buns. She made a crunchy donut out of cornflakes and also a soft smoothie one based on  banana and custard fill ( Hope I am getting the filling right ). By the time I could get a bite of the cornflakes donut, it was all gone. Guess some people just love cornflakes. I took a bite of Banana topped one. It was nice and soft with a smooth filling inside it. What I had not realized was, I had spilt a little of the filling on the floor ( Sorry Donut House ) and some on my shirt. Her donuts had definitely made me a kid.

Contestant Kamalika had also gone in with the shell donut buns. She made two different variations. One being a Raspberry topping donut and the other having cream and pineapple on top of it. Two of my favorite items, definitely ticks the boxes for me. I had a bit of both and I personally preferred the cream and pineapple variation.

After the Judges and the CFG members had a bit of the donuts, they went into a bit of brain storming and calculation run. This took them quite some time as food in there belly just made them a little slow in doing some math calculations. After tallying the points, the judges announced the results.

The Contestant who did  not want to be photographed, won. Lucky she agreed to pose for the camera after she had won. Congrats to Harini. She was handed over a gift voucher by Mr.Bhuvanesh ( Donut Man ). This was a great initiative by Donut House, Kudos to them.

Donut House is located in Ethiraj Salai, opposite to Ethiraj College. They do have another branch in the Food Court of Express Avenue

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