Introduction to Baking 101

Bakers listening to Nikhil's Introduction

Harried Cook aka Marsha Thompson 
Bakers listening!!!

Some more of them listening!!!

All draped and ready

Bakers with the weapons!!!!!
Cupcakes Loaded!!!!
Heart Attack Stuff (Butter)
Cupcakes before they hit the oven 
Crimson Foods Boxes for all
The only GUY baker (Praveen)
Sneak Peak on Cupcakes!!!!
Harried Cook throwing in some tips
Bakers hard at work
Cupcakes!!!!! Yummmm!!!!
Chocolate Moosseeeeeee!!!!!
Oatmeal Cookies!!!!
Bakers loading Cupcakes
High Tea!!!
Cookies ready for Baking
Cupcakes ready for ICING
Harried Cook showing an example
Cupcakes ready...Yummmm!!!! 
Oatmeal Cookies Ready!!!
Men behind the event
Lovely Jammuns
1st Batch of Bakers

Its nice to see experts in their fields trying to give back something to society. I was at one such event. "The Introduction to Baking 101" was a great initiative brought about by The Harried Cook ( Marsha Thompson ), CFG King ( Mohammed Ali ) and The SUPERMAN ( Nikhil Moturi of Crimson Chakra who allowed them to hold the event in his premises ). This was one of the 1st such events done on a large scale, comprising of 22 Bakers, which was conducted by the Harried Cook and CFG. For an event which was solely promoted on Facebook it was really quick to see how the slots got filled up within a matter of minutes.

It was nice closely packed 3hrs baking session which gave the bakers the hands on training in making :
1. Cupcakes
2. Chocolate Mousse
3. Oatmeal Cookies
4. Icing for the Cupcakes

To me, just to stand around such rich food made me really hungry.  It was nice to see the team spirit when participants got knocked down to two members per team. It was awesome to see the way the cupcakes, the cookies and the mousses were made. It gives you an idea of how much work is put into it, before we consume it. Average time to gobble down a cupcake 30seconds even if you are the slowest of the eaters. Average time to make a cupcake 1hour after having the ingredients pre-weighed.

It was also nice to see how the harried cook gave a few tips and shortcuts for the recipes and ingredients. Since this is the 1st of such initiatives there where a few teething problems. Definitely these problems looked like they could be sorted out easily and the 2nd Batch of Bakers will have a trouble free baking time. I was told that the next batch will be held in a couple of weeks time. I wish the Harried Cook, the best in the coming times.

The hospitality was taken care by Nikhil Moturi of Crimson Chakra. He served us with awesome Cutlets and Jammuns!!!!! .The Jammuns where the most softest I have ever had from a restaurant. He also supported the initiative in a great way with his team constantly helping the event with all the work which needed to be done. Kudos to him!!

Also at the end of the session, the bakers got to carry home 6 Cupcakes and a couple of Cookies and Chocolate mousse. They seemed a happy lot as they posed for the keepsake photograph.And with Marsha aka Harried Cook, giving them all full fledged permission to contact her with any queries and doubts, what more would a novice baker want, except maybe a second advanced level baking class.

A verdict on the Cupcakes..... I just loved it... Super soft and super awesome!!!!! I have not had the Chocolate Mousse yet, its still safe in the refrigerator. The cookies? Thats been gobbled down.  It's rocking in my belly even as I type this one.

You can follow THE HARRIED COOK at her blog
or you can reach her in Facebook as well

This was a great initiative brought about by Chennai Food Guide. Kudos to them as well.
You can look up for Chennai Food Guide on Facebook

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