Kailash Parbat, Harrington Road

On a day when most of my friends turned out to be vegetarians, we were in a dilemma as we did not know much about vegetarian food. We ruled out Saravana Bhavan and the likes. We settled on Kailash Parbat. We even made comments like Kailaaah enn kaailaa nee ash :P ( A Tamil Movie Dialogue - Thennali ).

So we guys met up at around 9:30pm. Thats pretty late I know, for dinner because one of them was busy with his work and finished late. We got placed pretty quickly. I ordered myself a nice glass of Lassi with the company saying they are not interested in a drink. I also verified that none of the company will touch my glass of lassi. But once the lassi was on the table, it was with everyone else's hands except mine. I hardly got to relish my drink. I loved the lassi or the small sip that was left for me. It was nice and thick and sweet. We were all smacking our lips in appreciation.

My brother was the brilliant person behind the order. He had ordered for a Nachos. When he ordered it I was like, why did you order a mexican dish in a North Indian Restaurant. But when the dish arrived I shut my mouth. It looked brilliant with loads of cheese topped on it, with olives. It had jalapeno dressing which tasted lite and nice. So a big tick for the nachos. I loved it, would not mind ordering it the next time. By this time my lassi was done, all thanks to the company. Then we had Okra Chat ( I hope I got the spelling right ). It was a nice chat item made with Bindi ( Ladysfinger ). It tasted awesome. Never had a chat like this before. The bindi was fried really well, not the crispy fry but a soft fry. It tasted like bliss. The company of friends also agreed so, with none of them ever having  had a proper full fledged North Indian Vegetarian food.  After the awesome okra chat we ordered for Pani Puri. The pani puri was fantastic, the puri was crispy, it broke in your mouth evenly unlike in some places where the puri becomes soggy or breaks unevenly. I just loved the sweet sauce which came with it. My pani puri turned out to be solely sweet puri's while others had a mixture of sweet and spicy sauce.

After these starters we decided we hit on the main course. Again the order was placed by my brother. Apparently he seems to have fallen in love North Indian food after his marriage. He had ordered for an Jaipuri special briyani. I just loved the taste of the biriyani. The biriyani was nicely prepared with a heavy dose of butter or ghee with nice helpings of Paneer and Bindi. It was rich and yummy. Some of the friends even said we order this and take it home and have it with chicken on a later date ( They are vegetarians because of the day and lent ).  The smell of the biriyani just lasted in your hand even after we got home. After the brilliant biriyani we had ordered for some Puthina Parotta and Paneer Tikka Masala and Corn Tomatar Bartha. Both the gravies tasted brilliant with the parotta. The gravies had a heavy dose of ghee in it. This made it really rich and nicely heavy on our stomach. I personally loved corn tomatar, since it was different.

Once we were all done with the main course and none of us having space in our stomach we asked the bill. The bill to our surprise was only Rs1500/-, which is pretty good for the amount of food in our belly. I felt the food was divine. Now I do know a place if I want really great quality North Indian food or if I am in a mood for chat. On a note, the chat items are slightly priced higher than normal. But I felt its okay for them to do so since they had the ambiance to go with it.

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 9/10

Kailash Parbat is located in Harrington Road, in the same building as French Loaf.

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