The Box Project, Woods Road, Chennai

Food Courts in Chennai started way back with the 1st Planet Yumm! I remember it very distinctly, getting a place to sit used to be a big thing. People used to flock to Planet Yum in Spencers Plaza and in Anna Nagar. The concept of having the opportunity to dine in multiple restaurants in a single location to full fill the unique taste buds of everyone in the family. But the fad soon disappeared. People started returning to the standalone restaurants. Nowadays we find these restaurant aggregation mainly in Malls.

To recreate the euphoria again in a standalone place, restaurant aggregators have started exploring newer and newer concepts to catch the eye of the young and hep population. One such concept is The Box Project in Woods Road.

Box Project as the name implies, is boxes of restaurants. Concept is to take old shipping containers revamp em to take in a nice cozy kitchen and Vola! you have Box Project. They look really really cute and also as the shipping containers are re-purposed they are recycled for use.

The Box Project has options to cover all the basis. Chaat stall in the form of the Brunch, Idly and Dosa from Little Idli, Juices in the form of Goli Soda, Chinese dishes from Tago, Succulent Kebabs from Hatimy's and finally Desserts from The Waffle Place.

Since I was invited over along with a friend we settled on  the restaurants serving us one or two of their best dishes to sample. Down below is my experience on the same.

We started the proceedings with Goli Soda & Yummy delicious Sambhar Idly in Mud Pot from Little Italy. I have not had such a kind of idly preparation before. Apparently it is a specialty in Andhra, something which I have never heard before. I usually relate Andhra to the spicy food. The idly is broken drown to upma consistency topped off with hot Sambhar, spices, nuts and ghee. It tastes more like kitchida than sambhar idly. But a brilliant dish, I would say.

Next up we had the Muruku Cheese Sandwich from Brunch, which was neat.

After this we got to sample the Tago Fried Chicken and Tago Bento Box. Tago Fried Chicken was oriental version of crispy fried chicken. The Bento box had the Fried Rice, Pepper Coleslaw and Chicken Redang Curry a very good bento box. You get to have all the items.

Now coming to the stand-out part. The following items were served from Hatimy's. Each dish was one level better than the other. We start with the Kheema Samosa. Muslim household style wholesome samosa. I would not mind gobbling down a couple. Then came the Hatimy's Spl Crispy Chicken. Totally different take, superb concept. Using wonton paper to give the crispy texture.

After this we had the showstoppers. Shanghai Mutton Chops and Iranian Chicken Leg. My - o - My! Fusion food at its best. Using chinese spices to cream cheese to amp up the taste in tender mutton chops. Mind blown!  Iranian Chicken leg is the epitome to kick-ass. I would definitely be going back for this.

I heard about the eid - iftar combo plans. It sounds amazing, cant wait to try them out.

Finally we finished off with Veg Sandwich from brunch and Waffles & Mini Pancakes from That Waffle Place.

The Box Project does well to aggregate different cuisines in a open air atmosphere. The Box Project  has car & bike parking next door.


A meal here for two should cost around Rs 600 to 800/- depending on the order.

Disclaimer - I was invited for the meal

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