Tao of Peng - Pop-Up at Crowne Plaza by Dine Out, Chennai

Tao of Peng is a great Contemporary Fine Dine Chinese Restaurant in Chennai. But not many know of it existence as the restaurant is located in the Intercontinental Hotel property on ECR. To create awareness and make people fall in love with the exemplary food served here, Intercontinental has created pop-up event along with DINE-OUT at Crowne Plaza, Chennai. This has facilitated in bringing the location closer to help create an opportunity for people to know about it, and dine here to savor the flavors of Tao of Peng.

Tao Of Peng has brought in a new head-chef named Tenzing. I must say, he made quite an impression with the food he served us.
I will let the photos do the talking.

Dim-Sum Platter

Assorted non-veg Dim-Sum in close proximity

Crispy Batter Fried Lobster

The special four course meal is priced at Rs 1800/- and the coupons for the same can be purchased on dine out website - www.dineout.co.in/chennai

The pop-up event is on till 5th May 2019. Do not miss out on the opportunity to dine here.

Disclaimer - I was invited for the meal.

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