Sea Food Festival @ Lotus Thai, The Park, Anna Salai, Chennai

Thai food is much like South Indian Food but only with a small twist. At least that's what I feel. Most dishes are easily relatable. No wonder it is a hit among South Indian crowd. You can see people throng to Thai restaurants on weekends. So here I was at Lotus Thai - The Park, which has reopened after a hiatus. I must say the renovations which it has undergone makes it look lovely. Interiors all contemporary and decked up.

I visited Lotus Thai for the on-going Sea Food Festival which mix matches local produce with a contemporary Thai twist. So we started our meal with the fffantasticcc Prawn & Garlic Crackers with an assortment of dips. My favourite combo was the Prawn cracker with the Tamarind Dip - the crunchy texture with the liquid sauce accentuated the flavours.

This was followed by an excellent Prawn Pomelo Salad (PPS). This was the 1st time I had got to try the Pomelo fruit which had a mild sweet and sour citrusy flavour to it, quite similar to an Orange but only larger in size. This citrusy flavour was counterbalanced by the prawns and shallots which made the dish fantabulous. Me being a experimental freak decided to load the Prawn Cracker with PPS and a dash of the Tamarind Dip which seemed like an excellent combo as well.

This excellent dish was followed by the Grilled Scampi which I felt could definitely pass of as a Lobster (LOL!!). It was simply huge, I wonder where do you even get these? The general thought is, the larger the size of seafood, the more difficult it gets to infuse them with flavours. But that simply was not the case here, as it had nice lemon grass flavour to it.

To accompany this we had the Rose Lemonade and Pattaya Beach Cooler. Both were excellent. Next up was Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab with Lemon Basil Sauce which was out of the world. I do not have words to explain the gastronomic feeling which I had when I took a bite of it. Absolute must have. I really do wish they could add this to their regular menu.

After killing through some appetisers we had Prawn Tom Yum & Tom Kha which were definitely great palate cleansers.

Moving to the mains, I must mention all the dishes were fabulous. It started with my 900g Lobster friend ( Not pictured here - do visit my insta for it) who was simply grumpy looking at us killing it. But must say he was quite well dressed with glass noodles and had a garlic and pepper perfume LOL!! Then entered the Golden Fried Anchovies - divine. Another must have and would love it if it made it to the regular menu. Following which we had Jasmine Rice with Lotus Homemade curry with seafood fabulous well known combo which worked well.

Finally we finished our meal with a Twist. Lemon Grass Ice cream and a Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk which were decadent. The way the chef has used the water chestnuts for the crunchy texture in an otherwise sweet coconut milk deserves praise.

Lotus Thai after the reboot has had amazing image makeover. New contemporary decor was simply fabulous

A meal for two should cost an upward of Rs 4000/- . Again it based on your appetite.

This food festival is on till the 28th of February 2016. Seafood lovers should not miss this.

Disclaimer : Invited Review

The Park is located on Anna Salai and it is hard to miss.

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