Mamagoto, KNK Road, Chennai

Happy New Year!!!, Happy New Year!!!! It has been a while since my last post on my blog. Been happily ambling around, enjoying!

New Year, New Blog Post, New Restaurant. No other fitting way to do it. Yes! Yes! it is about Mamagoto. A new Pan Asian restaurant which has arrived on KNK road. Boy oh boy! They have made an awesome mark.

Mamagoto has many other outlets all over the country, but a first in Chennai. We were invited as a part of Bloggers food table to try-out the food just before the opening. So we sat down to try out the dishes - me and my best friends / bloggers.

We kickstarted the proceedings with a portion Crispy Lotus Stem, Hot Basil Chicken Cups, Prawn Tempura and Honey Chicken with Bell Peppers. Firstly I am not able to lock down on the dish which I liked the most as all the dishes were spectacular. Secondly the portion sizes were generous. I really do wish they stick to these portion sizes.

To quench our thirst we had a Wasabi Mary, Pina Colada, Cucumber Basil mock-tail and a Virgin Sangria. All drinks fantastic. But my pick of the lot would be the Cucumber Basil Mock-tail.

We skipped Soups and Salads and went ahead with the mains. We had a Soggy Thai Basil Fried Rice and a Chicken Soho Pan Fried Noodles. For a change I liked the vegetarian dish better. Noodles was a bit spicy for my liking, never-the-less, tasty.

The desserts were the best of the lot. I really would not mind stepping in just for the desserts. The Banoffee Pie was simply sensational. In fact we had two portions of the same. We also had the Homemade Coconut and Palm Sugar Ice Cream and the Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake, which were delicious as well.

One of the fellow food blogger on our table had been to the Bangalore outlet and was raving about their experimental menu which they have as an addition to the regular menu. Sadly it was not available at launch. Thankfully, the Food Director informed us that they would introduce the experimental menu soon in Chennai soon.

Felt more like a Hipster Asian restaurant, a mix of contemporary art with oriental asian form factor.

A meal for two should cost around Rs 2000 and upwards depending on the number of dishes you chose to order.

Disclaimer : Invited review.

Mamagoto is located in opposite to Cafe Coffee Day Square on KNK Road.

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