Entree, Hotel E, Whites Road

I had received an invite recently from Entree inviting me to dine at the restaurant. For a proper non-vegetarian, dining at a veg restaurant can always be difficult. There have been times that, I have made it a point to have a piece of chicken to wash off the veg flavor. Since I have many veg friends I decided to put myself in their shoes to see how an all veg buffet fares. Entree is located inside the Hotel E. Or should I say inside Express Avenue. The restaurant looks more like a continuation of the lobby. There was a dj playing music and a large crowd dining. I was quite surprised to see the restaurant to be quite packed. 

The day I had visited, Entree hosted a Chinese food festival. There were many Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling trying to impart a festival feeling. I am pretty sure that's were the Chinese bit ends. Soup from the buffet was served on the table. It was a clear soup with various veggies in it. The soup tasted bland and required helping from salt and pepper plus spicy ketchup. While I was cleaning up the soup, golden fried baby corn with chili sauce was served. Corn was made crispy thanks to the golden batter around it. Tasty!!!

I did a few rounds around the buffet, I was quite surprised to see risotto, ratatouille and augratine being part of a Chinese food festival. But then I did not mind, I took a few spoonfuls of these. There were some Chinese style mixed vegetable gravy and teppan style cooked veggies and also a Thai style noodles. All pretty decent. Walking around the buffet I also found some mushroom pulao, curd rice which I did not sample. But the paneer gravy and dalmakani was really tempting. I sampled both with some Indian bread. I must say the Dal makani was rich and fabulous. I quite understood the reason for the large North Indian crowd at this point.

Just as I was thinking of venturing to the desserts, the chef offered us fusili pasta in creamy white sauce. I was quite stunned by the difference in flavor from the buffet and the ala carte. I quite understood the fact that the buffet is a buffet and ala carte is something else altogether. The pasta was served with a soft and crispy bread. The combination was quite deadly. Next there was a quesadilla which again was fabulous.

Just as I thought of moving to the dessert from the buffet, the chef surprised me by serving some heavenly delights. A hazelnut tart of sorts, a baked yoghurt with freshly cut fruits and finally a chocolate sampler. The chocolate sampler had 3 different types of chocolates, with dark, regular and hazelnut chocolates. Of the lot my pick was the baked yoghurt which simply was a bite into heaven.

The buffet menu keeps changing so it should be interesting. From the end of the meal I could understand that the restaurant is strong in Indian and Italian cuisines. 

The ambiance looks like a continuation of the mall, but then again it feels different. I definitely liked the rotating chairs. Very stylish.


The buffet is priced at Rs 600/ head. Which is value for money. But if you are a little picky then have the ala carte. A meal for two should cost Rs 1300.

If Italian and Indian food is what you want here is a fine choice.

Entee is located inside Hotel E. They do have another entrance through the Express Avenue Mall.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.

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