Moon & Sixpence, Hablis, Guindy - A CFG Showcase

Located inside the swanky looking, newly opened Hotel Hablis is Moon and Six Pence. It is a Irish Pub, first of its kind in Chennai. Food served here is contemporary Pub food. Before heading here I did my homework as to which dishes tasted the best and how the entire fare was. Zomato rated the place as average. But I wanted to find out how it was.

The food section kicked off with the Stuffed Mushrooms. It looks like your usual mushroom balls served with Wild Rice. But Veg food at a Irish Bar seriously!! Anyways the stuffed mushrooms were nothing great to write home about, it was little soggy.

Next to be served was the Stuffed Scottish Salmon. I cant really vouch for the scottish part. But the Salmon was fresh and smoked to perfection and the stuffing of the crabmeat was just divine. Seafood lovers, please dont miss this. I am a T-totaler so I am not sure not what goes best with it.

Next up was the Sriracha Wings, which was crispy fried chicken wings in Sriracha sauce and topped off with Bleu Cheese. This was just heavenly! No other words to explain. The bleu cheese helped enhance the flavor in a big way.

Next dish was the The Moon and Sixpence Salad which had fresh assorted veggies such as carrot, beet-root, sundried tomatoes and cucumber. I managed to take few bites into it before the vegetarians stole it away from me. It was refreshing... a few pieces of chicken or tuna would have made the dish the non-veggies choice.

In between all these dishes I sneaked in a couple of mocktails with lychee, pineapple and mango as bases. Also got to sample some other mocktails the others had. But I liked my Mango and Red Bull mocktail the best.

Next to be bought to the table was the Supion which was pan fried squid on a bed of flat pasta. Yes! that green pan leaf kind of thing is the pasta. The squid was simply delicious. It resembled a lotus in a pond.

Next was the Sea-food Bisque. It was a prawn and spinach in a seafood bisque foam. I would advice you to avoid it. The prawn lacked flavor and the bisque was not to my liking. Then came a dish which was really different. Something which I have never had before. Wild Mushroom Cappuccino, which is a mushroom soup with a hint of Cappuccino served with toasted garlic bread. Bread + Mushroom cappuccino soup = heaven!! Do try this instead of the bisque, I am sure you would not be disappointed.

Next to be presented was the Moon and Sixpence Club Burger. They did look a awfully small and would not last two bites. But this lamb patty, cheddar cheese loaded, onion & lettuce burger was delightful. It would be great to see a larger version of the same, filled to the brim and be a greasy monster.

Next was the Lamb Steak and Mushroom Pie - braised lamb pieces with mushroom in a rich gravy topped off with Mashed potato crust. A dish in which I wished it had a Beef replica. This was the best dish of the day, by a mile. Loaded with goodies I sure the other would agree as well.

Fish and Chips was served after the lip smacking Lamb Steak & Mushroom Pie. Crispy light fried fish served with Tartar sauce with Fries. Amazing! The fries served were thick and none of the thin stuff here. A good pub is a place is one which serves great fish and chips and burger. I think they have got both these bases covered.

Blackened Chicken Supreme a grilled chicken served with blackened spice and grilled vegetables. I know you would have wondered how I had managed to eat so much? Keep thinking.. .The blackened chicken was another deadly dish of the day. It had deep peppery flavor to it. I just loved it. I am sure every one would.

Next there was a Oven Roasted Salmon. Some people liked it, it was not up my alley. Felt the lovely fresh salmon was wasted in this preparation. There was no flavor what so ever in the fish.

After all these dishes came the Moon - Sixpence Stew. Lamb was cooked to perfection. Many raved about it. Again this was not my cup of tea. The lamb shank lacked flavor, but the stew by itself was loaded with flavors. Inspite of pouring the stew on the lamb, it was just bland.  After this came the Open Ravioli with Pepper Coulie which was a flat pasta filled with various veggies and cheese in red coulie. Since this was a vegetarian dish, I bet a veggie would be a better person to judge this. But I found it palatable. Finally after so many dishes came the Pot Roast Sandwich phew! roasted lamb with caramelized onions - very tasty.

A quick recap on the dishes to have -
1. Stuffed Scottish Salmon
2. The Moon & Sixpence Club Burger
3. Sriracha Wings
4. Supion 
5. Lamb Steak & Mushroom Pie
6. Blackened Chicken Supreme

After so many dish we were finally served with  desert. There was a warm Apple Pie & Ice Cream and Bailey's Cheese Cake. I would pick the Bailey's Cheese Cake over the later. It wins hands down. A very soft cheese cake. One of the best I have had in a while. 

They had a selection of authentic Irish coffee which is  blended with liquor.

Food is nice. With a little bit of fine tuning and tweaking they could go a long way.

The place reminded me of the Mclarns Pub in the television series "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER". It is also supposedly the largest pub in the city. There is a small snooker table at one end of the pub  in case you want to challenge someone for a free drink.


The price points are very decent, with main course priced at Rs 400 odd. A meal for two should cost 2500 including the drinks. Again depend on what you drink.They have a unlimited domestic beverage plus 2 starters priced at Rs 2500 and the same with imported beverage for Rs 3500/- for a person. 

Moon and Sixpence is located inside Hotel Hablis, which is just before the Kathipara flyover when you arrive from Nandanam.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.

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