New Town Cafe, TTK Road, Alwarpet - A CFG Showcase

Ahhh!! Finally, a New Town Cafe right inside the city. The one place I have been waiting to see close by and not on ECR alone. I was here for a CFG Showcase. The new outlet has opened up at the food street of Alwarpet, TTK Road.The ambiance at the new outlet is totally different from the one at ECR. Rich new age decor with amazing sound system.

The meal started off with Chicken and Okra soup for the non-veggies and Minestrone soup for the veggies. Guess mixing okra with non-veg items has become a fashion. I did not get to sample the veg soup, but heard the others give a positive feedback. As for the non-veg soup, this was just perfect. Pieces of okra inter dispersed with loads of chicken pieces.

The first starter to arrive was the Mezze platter. This is a cold platter with soft pita bread and hummus. The hummus was well made, in-fact one of the best. It also had some finely diced fresh veggies drizzled with lemon.

The next dish to arrive was the Asparagus and Mushroom vol au vent. For those who dont know what a Vol au vent is - it is typically a puff pastry of French origin which is circular in shape. Our Vol au vent was stuffed with a mixture of asparagus and mushroom. It was a combination of crispy outer with soft mussy filling. There was also a Refried Beans in Taco Shells. This was something which I skipped.

The starters for non-veggies started with Chicken Satay. Since I have had the same at the other outlet, I felt it still maintained the flavors. Next was the Tenderloin Teriyaki Skewers. WOW! is the word which best describes it. The beef was a really soft and full of flavors. It was served with Bok Choy. The combination was perfect. I would recommend this dish for true beef lovers.

Finally the famous Cheese Stuffed Drumstick Mughali Style. This is the best dish I have had on their menu. A piece drumstick deboned and stuffed with a mixture of chicken and cheese, served along with a Mughali style gravy. A big thumbs up to this dish. An absolute must have. The last starter to arrive was Mutton Murtabak. This dish is an stuffed parotta with a fancy middle eastern name. I have attached a close up picture of the same to show the amount of filling. This was the first properly spicy dish to be served. Point to be noted, it was well worth it.

After a half a dozen starters in my belly we moved to the main course. I skipped tasting the veg mains as I was beginning to feel a full. The veg mains served were Dry Pan Mee, Crispy noodles with 5 spice veggies, veg. grilled sandwich and finally Roti Canai with Veg Curry. I am a big fan of the Roti Canai with non-veg curry so I mixed up a little of the roti with some non-veg dish. The roti was soft and made me wish, for a non-veg curry.

The non-veg mains started with the Curry Mee. I am not a big fan noodles dunked in spicy soup, so I would not be the best to comment on it. The next was the Sago Tawa Fish. This was served along with Tandoori Aloo. The fish was fresh, spicy and tasty, the way I like it.

Next up was the Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang. This is one dish, which I have not had before and I was surprised as to why I had missed out on this. It is best had with all the ingredients mixed together. A little of steamed rice, with kadala (nuts), boiled egg, fried chicken and anchovies. A mouth of this mixture is an absolute nirvana. Finally the last of the main was the Shell less Crab meat with Kothuparata. The crab was almost shell-less. The dish was a little on the sweeter side and I just hoped it had a bit of spiciness to compliment the parata.

After munching on various dishes, I hardly had any space in my tum to have full portion of the desserts. So I went about sampling the various dishes served to us. We were served with Roti Bomb, Orange Chocolate Mud Pie, Apple Crumbled Tart, Mango Mascarpone Pannacotta and Espresso Creme brulee.  The only dessert which I liked was the Roti Bomb, the others were just passable. Roti Bomb which is a parotta cut down to small pieces and loaded with milkmade. Felt it was the cut above the rest. Overall the entire meal was just fabulous.

The Ambiance here is totally different from the one at ECR. This one has more of a lounge kind of style with superb music. A big thumbs up to the audio system here.

A meal for two should end up costing around Rs 1200- 1500.

New Town Cafe is located in TTK Road opposite to Indian Terrain and Nike showrooms.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places

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