Crimson Chakra, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar - A CFG Showcase

I was at Crimson Chakra, Adyar for a CFG Showcase. I must say it was really nice to get back to familiar crowd. Ah! One of my favorite food destinations! We were invited to try-out the new dishes which would soon be added to the menu. Also it was kind of the unofficial launch  of CC@Night which basically a food deliver service which extends up to the early hours of the morning i.e. 3am. I must say this service is an absolute treat for the city of Chennai, which is deprived of food services beyond 11pm, save the star hotels. I can keep going on and on about this But its time to get down to  discussing the food.

The meal started with Vendakai Meen Soup. I must it was one meeeen soup. Fabulous is not the word which describes it best. The fish was fresh and devoid of any smell. Also the vendakai in small pieces added flavor. It reminded me of the chicken pepper soup which my grandmom makes, but this was with fish and ladysfingers, The first of the starters to be served was the Thiranga Paneer Tikka. The paneer was exceptionally soft with nice infused flavors. Served along with accompaniments such as the chutneys. 

The first non-veg dish to be served was the Machi Tikka Jodhpuri. It was a deep fried chicken with deep flavors. But the best among the starters was Mutton Sheek Kebab. Move over veg Patiyala Sheek Kebab. Stop imitating the true form of sheek kebab. Nothing can come close to beating this taste. There was also a Singapore Chilli Chicken. I wonder why the name Singapore got stuck to this dish, but it was mediocre in taste. Round one of starters, our clear favorites was the Mutton Sheek Kebab.

As we were getting done with the starters we were served with Paneer Pitha Roll. Of the all the dishes served that night, this was the most disappointing. Inspite of paneer being fresh, it was unable to lend a shoulder to help this dish. The dish lacked a punchy sour cream, which was further compounded by crumbly pitha bread.

The next to follow suit was the Indian Bread Basket, which was an assorted selection of butter naan, roti puthina parathas. Each different in its make. But really soft in texture with great flavors. To compliment these we were served with Buna Gosht and Reshmi Butter Chicken. Buna Gosht which is essentially mutton pepper korma. This was really tasty with the Butter Naan. If one thought this combination was great, then the combination with Reshmi Butter Chicken was even better. The Butter chicken was clearly the winner, which was creamier, richer and definitely tastier.

Finally we were served with the last main course which was the Chicken Biryani. It was better than many restaurant biryanis by many yards. But it no way compares to Muslim wedding biryani. But this is good enough, I would say.

After binging on these items we were finally served with Kulfi. This one was really rich and creamy. In fact I had one extra.

The ambiance remains the same at Crimson Chakra, Adyar. It definitely is one of the best places to dine.

A meal for two roughly equate about Rs1500 - 1800 odd. But with many fantastic dishes, one would want to try  them all i suppose.

Crimson Chakra is located in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar next to the Gandhi Nagar Club.

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