Promenade, Goubert Avenue, Pondicherry

A long awaited two day weekend. This was the day I was eagerly waiting for. Vrooom! Away I went with a couple of friends to Pondy. The drive through ECR was scenic, the road curving and two 180+bhps  munching miles easily with sound of Kuthu songs on the stereo! This is the life.

We reached Pondy just in time for lunch. Had heard from a couple of people that the thin crust pizza at Promanade are treat to die for. We entered the hotel only to be disappointed. The thin crust pizzas are only available from 4pm onwards. Nevertheless the buffet spread was really inviting.

Buffet spread seemed quite decent. We skipped the soups and headed directly to the starters and mains. The starters had a wide variety of salads: chicken, beef, egg, fish WOW!! All very tasty. Some sooper soft pita bread and a great hummus. Off the lot, I liked the fish salad. There was also a Lemon Grilled Fish. Quite simply delicious.

There were separate live counters for dosa, puttu. Also some live counters for chaat and fritters. Chicken and Banana Fritters were the order of the day. Chicken was spicy and delicious, while the Banana was soft and sweet and similar to Belos (Unniappam).

Main course had a blend of continental and indian. I simply avoided the Indian part of it. The best part of the main course were the Mushroom and Fussili Pasta, Beef and Spaghetti and finally the Chicken Liver Strongnoff. Each very special in its own way. Infact I went for another round.

Desserts section was a little small, but I helped myself to Vanilla Ice Cream with a small piece of Brownie, cookies and Chocolate sauce. Heavenly way to finish a neat lunch.

The hotel sits right opposite to Pondy beach. It was slightly sultry so we had to sit indoors. But I think dining on the porch would have been quite a fantastic way to relax and have a killer meal.


We used a friends discount card and attracted a 30% discount on the bill. This made the bill turn into Rs 630/head. Which is quite simply amazing.

Food - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - NA
Price - 8/10

Promenade by Hidesign is located on the Gorbert Avenue.

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