Pinkberry, Phoenix Market City, Velachery

Another day in Phoenix Market City. Walking around the mall will definitely make you thirsty. Since I have had at Ci Gusta, this time I wanted to have something at the renowned Pinkberry.

Since my friend and myself were not in any mood to have anything solid or have the yogurt ice cream, we decided to have the Mango yogurt shake. What I was hoping for was a truly yummlicious fresh mango shake turned to be a Mango flavoring. It was definitely thick and heavy but it lacked sweetness. A proper mango shake deserves to have that extra bit of sweetness which was sorely missed.

Its a really small joint which can hardly accommodate 15 people at a time.

We were the only people to be present at that time so I would not go judging the service just yet.

The two drinks at Rs 250/- put a small hole in our pockets.

Food- 6/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - NA
Price - 7/10

Pinkberry is located in the Upper Ground Floor of Phoenix Market City, Velacherry.

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