Chao, Thiyagaraya Nagar, T-Nagar - A CFG Showcase

I am not a big fan of Thai cuisine and quite frankly, I have never had anything Vietnamese. So this CFG Showcase was more of a learning curve for me at the Chao, Thiyagaraya Nagar.

Chao is a spanky looking fine dine restaurant which dishes out Thai, Vietnamese and Singaporean Cuisine. If one of you guys out there are looking to surprise your GF, this place does have the oomph factor to wow her.

This session was more like a Chef's table, and we were knocked out by the food dished to us. The dinner started with a round of Soup, Sup Ayam for the Non-veggies and Sup Sayur for the veggies. Both are technically the same except for the addition of Chicken to Sup Ayam. The soup hit the spot! 

This was followed by Crispy Corn with Spinach, the combo of the Spinach with the Corn was fabulous, crispy at its best. Next came the Namprik Gai which is stir-fried Chicken with chilli, garlic, onion. A very zingy dish, I would sure make a note of it and order the next time I am here.

Next dish which was served was the Poached Bok Choy with Garlic. Bok Choy is essentially a Cabbage which is much smaller in size than the ones which we are used to. Bok Choy was perfectly poached to maintain the juiciness with a load of garlic sauce. I have heard of the Non-veg version with the Chicken as a part of the ingredient on TLC Channel. But this was the first time I had tasted it. Must say it was full of flavors, rich in every possible way.

Next up was the Braised Broccoli with Tofu. This is one vegetarian dish which I would not mind having again. The Tofu had a texture which was almost similar to that of the Chicken. The flavorful sauce went well with the Nasi Kunning. Nasi Kunning quite literally in Indian cooking is Thenga Soru ( Coconut Rice) with a Malaysian name to it. It tasted just the way my Grandmom makes.

While the veggies relished the load of veg dishes, we were served with Choo Chee Goong. This is a proper Thai dish. The dish acquires its name due to the noise it makes while cooking which is sounds like Chooooo Cheeeee!!! A proper prawn lovers delight. Small size prawns cooked in red curry and coconut milk with loads of ginger and pepper. This turned out to be a fabulous combo with Drunken Noodles with Bang Bang Salad. The Drunken Noodles is a Thai twist to Chinese noodles with loads of soy sauce, garlic and stir fired. Finally there was the T.Shanghai Chicken. The 'T' is silent. Its like "Tsunami ". Just like the Tsunami it did pack the punch. Heavenly chicken with garlic and ginger masala.

After having a course of meal which was fit for the royal. We finished off the meal with Chocolate Mousse with Orange Chantalay & Strawberry in Red Wine. This was one hell of a rich, divine chocolate overload. What a way to end a killer dinner.

As I had mentioned earlier this place packs the oomph factor to blow you away.

A meal for two should cost around Rs 1500- 2000/- odd. But it is definitely worth the price.

Chao is located in Thiyagaraya Nagar off North Borg Road.

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