Peaches, Velachery - A CFG Showcase

For a thoroughbred non-veg such as me, there is no bigger let down than dining at a vegetarian restaurant. So this dinner should have fallen in that category. But it did not.

I was here at Peaches for a CFG showcase dinner. I was the last one to reach the place as I took a small break for Iftar before reaching the venue. After I arrived, the Chef Kausik gave a small intro, about what the meal was all about and also informed us about the ElMacho Burrito Challenge which had been added to the restaurant. During his intro he made a mention that we would be served with 22 dishes and I had a clear picture that this was going to be an ginormous dinner.

We kick started the proceeding with Cream of Bell Pepper Soup which had a slice of bread with cheese. The bread was similar to the bread crumbs in a Tomato soup, this soup was liked by many, but I had a feeling it missed something. 

Just as I was reaching my hand out for a glass of water, out-came Florida Sunrise which was a mocktail based on Orange Juice. Sweet Tangy and Zingy! After the drink there was no let up, we were served with Onion Rings cooked in Soda, Aloo Tiki and Breaded Mozzarella Sticks. Onion Rings were crispy with a small dip of the Thousand Island Dressing it was fab.The Aloo Tiki on the other hand was just okay, Guess I am not a big fan of potato in this form. While the Breaded Mozzarella Sticks is a sure cure for cheese lovers appetite.

Just as I was done finishing what was served on my plate came Aatish-e-Aloo, guess the name is down to numerology, alphabetology... hehe! e-Aloo is something like e-Mail LOL! This to was a variant of Aloo- tiki cooked on a Tandoor with herbed stuffing and slit horizontally. I felt this version fared a little better as my taste buds seemed to like them. Following this came Tapas Mushroom, Subz Tandoori and Corn & Cheese Balls. Off the three I loved the Subz Tandoori which was Tandoori style roasted vegetables marinated in yogurt and spices. I was really surprised how different veggies tasted. It was a mixture of different vegetables and I am pretty sure there was a carrot, a broccoli, a zucchini, a capsicum. In-spite of the variety they tasted similar and fabulous. If decided to trick someone into trying a new vegetable or trick your child into eating a Broccoli this is the dish which you should order.

A small break before the speciality dish was just what the doctor had ordered for. We were served with Bovonto topped with a dollop of ice cream. I just drank down it in one gulp. It was absolute nirvana. Finally the last starter arrived, which was the Phuket Paneer. I have heard of Phuket Fish, but this was something of a surprise. The same concept applied on Paneer. Thick outer coating with awesome juicy sauce and medium soft paneer made an absolute specialty.

A small breather and a round of Deep Blue Sea. A must have drink. Do not miss this.

After so many starters I was totally stuffed to even try a little of the main course. Inspite of the difficulty which I was facing, I had a few mouthfuls of the different Roti with the some gravy. Of the lot in rotis my pick would be the Garlic Laccha Paratha and the Herb & Olive Naan. The gravies which formed a great combo with these rotis was the Rajasthani Bhindi Khadi and Bhurwan Mirch Kolhapuri. At this point I was too stuffed to try anything further. I saved a little space for the desserts.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a nice dessert after a rich meal. So was the case here. For desserts we had a Strawberry Pannacotta and the Harleem Brownie Wonton. I loved the Harleem Brownie Wonton. It was a testament to creativity. The Pannacotta on the other had was okay, there was something a miss with the base.

The ambiance can be a little confusing. The restaurant wishes to be a fine dine. But it seems to be caught in between.

A meal for two should cost around Rs 1400/- With so many delicious veg dishes to have, I think it is bound to go higher.

Peaches is located on 100 Feet Road in Velacherry, around 1Km away from Phoenix Market City.

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