Spoonbill, Alwarpet - CFG Showcase

Spoonbill is one of the places which combines the street food from different parts of the WORLD to form an interesting amalgamation of street cuisine. I was here some time last year, with a couple of my  friends. We loved the food. Period!  But we did not get the opportunity to get back, simply because it was a little far away from home. CFG Showcase here at Spoonbill was a good enough reason for me to head here.

Since I am good at talking about the non-veg part of the cuisine I' ll start off talking about that end of the food served. If you are to visit Spoonbill and you failed to have a Doner Kebab (Turkey) or Currywurst (Germany) or the Burito (Mexico), then you are the biggest loser. These are the best non-veg dishes on the menu . Also each of the these dishes have different ways in which you could modify them to taste differently. The Chicken Currywurst is an absolute must have with the Madras Masala spice. The currywurst is served along with a soft bread, which creates a deadly combo. If you are a lover of the Burrito lover, this Chicken Burrito is the one for you. It is served along with a crispy tasty nachos.

Veggies do have some fabulous dishes on the menu as well. Firstly a sandwich called Piadina, which looks like a sandwich made with Chappati instead of bread with spread made of veggies and rich creamy cheese. Then there is the Falafel salad. Falafel salad comes from the same land as the Doner Kebab but only it is the vegetarian relative. Veggies do have the Veg.Burito, but I just loved chicken version that I cannot find a case to recommend the veg. Finally my favorite among all the veg dishes was the Hara Bhara Kebab from the Indian cuisine which is made from Spinach. Just loved the taste. It is a dish even a Non-Veggie would die for.

After having some delicious treats one would definitely want to settle down to something sweet to satisfy the sweet tooth. Lip smacking heavenly delights, whether you settle down for the plain Nutella treat or an ice cream filled one, you are sure in for a treat.

As I have said in the beginning, Spoonbill is a true amalgamation of street food.

A very simple decor over looking the streets of TTK Road. What more can street food joint want?

A meal for two should work around Rs 1000/-, for which you get to relish on food from around the world.

Spoonbill is located on TTK Road, above Cafe Coffee Day outlet.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places

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