Pizza Republic, Ethiraj Salai

After Tuscana Pizzeria, my next favorite destination to have pizzas has become Pizza Republic. Gone are the days of having Pizza from Pizza Hut, Dominos and like. Pizza Republic has become the choice when my wallet is on a diet. Until now I have suffered with the need to drive off to places which are little away from my home. Now there is an outlet slightly closer to my house, which gave me more reason to visit it. I was here in Pizza Republic on Ethiraj Salai on the day it was opened. I must say I loved the fine pizza.

Since I was dining all alone, I chose to have Chica- Chik on a multi-grain crust with normal cheese, spiciness and juiciness. Yes, I decided to add a dash of olives. Olives oh, heavenly olives, I love em!  Chica - Chik is an overload of chicken with Tandoori Chicken, Salami & Sausages with assorted veggies.The pizza was served fresh out of the oven, juicy, cheesy, crispy and yummy! A perfect pizza to satiate my pizza appetite. I did find some difference between pizzas served here in this outlet and the Taramani out-let. Not sure if it is supposed to happen. Or is it down to the pizza maker? Verdict thumbs up on the new outlet.

This outlet could seat around 20 people at a time. It looks more to cater to delivery and take-away crowd and of-course the crowd from Ethiraj College. The ambiance is neat with fuss-free simple decor.

The service is fast and fresh. Period.

The price for a pizza again comes down to what you order and how you customize it. A single non-veg pizza can cost from Rs 180 to all the way up to Rs 600.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 9/10
Price - 8/10

Pizza Republic - Egmore is located opposite to Ethiraj College on Ethiraj Salai.

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