Lloyds Tea House, Gopalapuram - CFG Showcase

It is called a Tea House, but there is more to this place than just tea. I must say, I was quite surprised with the dishes served here. I was here at Llyolds Tea along CFG members as a part of showcase and we were all in for a big gastronomic adventure.

Since this is a tea house, we started off by sampling the tea, with each one of us ordering different flavoured iced teas. The teas looked really great, but taste wise was a let down. It was way too light with very little flavor. 

Moving on to the food, we had to wait a quite a bit before the food was served. But once the food reached us, I could hear everyone going yummm!!! I must say they have a fantastic chef. Everything which was served was outstanding. I did not expect such a quality at a tea house. BBQ chicken was the first to be served. One word-awesome! Then came the Spicy Garlic Bread. It was spicy-check, it had garlic-check and yes it was on a bread! A dish which most will like.

If you are a sucker for Prawns, then Prawn Remoulade is the dish for you. Remoulade maybe a dish which was invented in France, but I bet this would pass off as an accompaniment with the Indian Ghee Rice. Now I badly want to try this combination yummmmmmy!!

After the prawns out came the Risotto with a Creamy Ratatouille. Ah! Risotto, the Italian cousin of Indian Ghee Rice, was soft and buttery smooth served along with Ratatouille which was quite brilliant. I have not had another Ratatouille before for me to compare this with. I guess I need to ask the "Little Chef".

Lloyds does serve up some cafe style thin crust pizzas. They may not wow you, but they certainly will not diappoint you. We, non-veggies got to sample the Roasted Chicken Pizza which was loaded to the brim with cheese.

Whether its a cafe or a tea house, they need to serve up some amazing sandwichs. At this place I got sample the Chicken Club Sandwich which was triple layered with loads of chicken and lettuce and filled with cheese and served along with fries. This was one delicious treat. Since I was begining to get stuffed at this point, I had just a spoonful of the Pasta Tuscany, which seemed yumm!! Finally we were served a  different looking dish called the Zucchini Fantasy which I skipped.

For desserts I nibbled on a bit of Red Velvet Cake and Pound Cake. The cakes tasted just okay. I sure have had better desserts elsewhere. This is something which they need to improve on.

 It is really bright and airy. But I really hope they add a few more couches instead of the regular chair and tables.

A meal for two cost about Rs 800/-, which seems like pretty good value for the money.

Lloyds Tea House is located in Gopalapuram opposite to Nilgiris departmental store.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places

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