Tasty Jones, Besant Nagar

My quest for some lip smacking burgers took me to my next stop, Tasty Jones in Besant Nagar. I had gone along with a couple of my friends who were very hungry at that time. So that is the reason you see a hand in the picture, grabbing the food. They were not in the mood to wait. I cannot blame them, I do take a few minutes to click the pics.

For starters we picked Crumb Fried Chicken. The chicken was average. It lacked flavor and the punch which you expect from the dish. The mayo which was served along with it was the saving grace. It improved the taste a bit.

For main course we chose to go with burgers, while the only veggie in our group went with the Spaghetti and Cheese balls. One hungry friend of mine ordered  a Texas Chicken Steak along with his burger. I had gone with Big Boy Chicken Burger, while the others picked the BBQ Chicken Burger. The Spaghetti was al dente, but the white sauce was a little too thin to be called sauce. It was more like a gravy. Overall it felt very average. The Texas Chicken Steak was an boneless piece of chicken marinated in pepper sauce. The chicken was tender and the combo of chicken with the garlic bread was great. The Big Boy Chicken Burger is an chicken bbq double patty burger stuffed with the veggies and loaded to the brim with sauce. A proper bite of this burger can be difficult for people with small sized mouth. The burger was juicy, but the bun was very soft and it broke down easily making it difficult to hold the burger. Fries are best described as decent.

From my previous experiences here I can vouch that the quality of food and the size of the patty have gone south. Hope they find their old form and get back to making the juicy lip smacking burger.

Food - 5.5/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Service - 7/10
Price - 8/10

Tasty Jones is located opposite to Besant Nagar Beach

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