Crimson Chakra, Gandhi Nagar

Crimson Chakra has been one of my favorites for quite some time now. I decided to introduce my friends  also, to the lovely food at this restaurant. Since my companions felt that I was better at ordering, they left that bit to me. 

After having quick look around the menu, I decided to keep it simple and stick as much as possible to the Indian food. For starters, I ordered Chilly Cheese Chicken Tikka, Mutton Kaima Vada, Yera Milagai and Crab Meat Cakes.


Crab meat cakes were brilliant. One of the friends at the table with me, had never tasted crab meat before. So this was like wow to him!

The Yera Milagai was rich and flavorful. It vanished off the table in no time. I loved the crispy tail portion of the prawn.

Chilly Cheese Chicken Tikka was at its usual best, with loads of cheese infused into it.

Mutton Kaima Vada was not to my liking nor to the liking of people present at my table. It was hard and the flavors did not seem to gel with the flavors of other dishes.

After having some delicious starters we dug into our main course. I had ordered Chettiars Kozhi Curry to go with the Smoked Chicken Rice and Kozhi Stew to go with Appams. Since we felt it would be lacking, if we missed out on a fish dish, we chose Fried Fillets of Kingfish Maltaise. Kozhi Stew was rich in coconut milk and filled to the brim with pieces of chicken. The appam with Kozhi Stew was lip smacking. If you are a fan of appam, you must try this out. Smoked Chicken Rice was rich with flavors. It felt like a sister of biryani. The combo of Smoked Rice and Chettiars Kozhi Curry was deadly. Chettiars Kozhi Curry was similar in taste to a gravy that would be served at a Chettiar's home.  Finally I took a piece of Fried Fillets of Kingfish Maltaise. This was a beer batter fried fish full of continental flavors. Lovely dish with deep aroma. Our bellies were so full that we decided to skip the desert.

The meal for 3 cost us Rs 3200/-. We were not in the position to finish the dishes which we had ordered. So we decided to carry them home. The portions here are pretty large. So I would advice you to order accordingly. The ambiance at the Gandhi Nagar branch is better than the KNK Road branch. It has an old colonial house feel to it.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Crimson Chakra is located in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, next to Gandhi Nagar Club.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.

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