BBQ Chicken, Shafee Mohammed Road

I was at BBQ Chicken post Iftar, with my family recently as my sister in law was feeling peckish. We just wanted to have something light, but it was not to be. For it turned out into a full fledged dinner. We entered BBQ Chicken which had the ambiance comparable with a Pizza Hut joint. I was surprised about the amount of seating available at the place, because I had been here when Movin Pick was operating in this very premise. BBQ definitely appeared roomier. We got seated in a nice corner of the restaurant which had plush seats and superb view of the TV broadcasting the Olympics.

The waiter handed us the menu. Since this was our first time here, we had to go through the menu thoroughly. The menu was vast. I began salivating seeing the pictures on the menu. We placed our order as soon as possible as we had started to become hungry all over again. We ordered for Buffalo chicken wings for starters and BBQ Chicken platter and Ganjeong Chicken for main course.

Buffalo Chicken Wings arrived under 10 minutes. My mom who loves spicy chicken wings started raving about the taste of the chicken after she took a few bites. The chicken had a thick batter, which was mildly spicy and had a lovely olive oil taste to it. A warning to people who do not like olive oil, most dishes on the menu are made using olive oil. Olive oil is much healthier compared to most other oils. It is really nice seeing restauarants with the practice of using olive oil.

After demolishing the Buffalo wings, we dug into the BBQ Chicken Platter and Ganjeong Chicken. BBQ Chicken Platter contained a piece of Jamaican BBQ and two pieces of Korean BBQ chicken. It also contained a portion of fried rice, bowl of vegetables and a dipping sauce. Both the BBQ were reminiscent of the respective dishes served in Sparky Diner. Both the chickens were cooked using olive oil and had deep flavors. The Jamican Jerk sauce predominated the taste in the Jamican chicken. While the Korean BBQ had a little heat to it. You could easily find the presence of soy sauce marinade. I also had a piece of the Ganjeong Chicken. It was served with spicy chips. The chicken was coated with a healthy dosage of red chilli and a sweet sauce. The taste was way too sweet for my liking. Not my favorite dish. But if in case you are a fan of sweet and mildly spicy chicken do try this.

Just as we were about to get done. My brother suggested that we try the Luxury Olive Chicken. So we placed an order for the same, along with some Garlic Bread. The Luxury olive chicken had the KFC feel to it, except this one was cooked in olive oil. This dish too, is served with the same spicy chips as in Ganjeong Chicken and coleslaw and olives. I loved the crispy crumpy outer coating. This was just delicious. A must try here. Also, a slightly healthy version of KFC. The Garlic Bread too was fantastic. The bread was soft and rich, with proper amount of garlic infused into it.

All an all, we loved our meal at BBQ Chicken. The meal set us back by Rs 1700/-. Would I return here. YES!!!

Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Price - 7/10

BBQ Chicken is located in Shafee Mohammed Road, next to Texas Fiesta.

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