Jakob's Kitcken, KNK Road

I had wanted to go to Jacob's kitchen for quite some time. Finally an occasion called  for a visit to Jakob's Kitchen along with the family. My Uncle was heading back to the US after a brief vacation. So he wanted to give us a  treat. He asked me in particular for a South Indian Restaurant. So I suggested Jakobs Kitchen and he agreed. We landed there, at around 7pm -  a group of 9 people, all very hungry after fasting.

We were quickly shown to our tables ( thanks to the reservation ) and the waiter was courteous enough to give us the menu card quickly. The place had a nice and simple decor. Thanks to some help from Nishanth of CFG it was easy for us to place the order. For starters we chose Nei Kozhi Varuval, Kozhi Milagu, Kadipattinam Meen, and Meen Karandi. Before our starters were brought out to the table we were served with a nice welcome drink. It was a combination of Dry Ginger aka Chukku, Jaggery, Tamarind ( Puli) and Cardamom Powder.

The Kadipattinam Meen was fresh and tasty but the cut seemed really thin. The fish was almost as thin as a paper. The Nei Kozhi Varuval & Kozhi Milagu, seemed rich but we could not really enjoy the taste of the dishes as the pieces were very bony. It was almost close to the pieces being non-existent. We could not relish the dishes. Meen Karandi was the other dish which we had ordered. The 1st time they served it, we could not even get a hint of the fish in it. We asked him if he had made a mistake with our order So the waiter offered to give us another one. Even this was the same, there was no fish flavour to it. It was more like Egg Karandi. Disappointed by the dish, we dropped the idea of asking the waiter to replace it for us.

 After some disappointing starters we turned our heads into the main course. We chose to order, Mannpaanai Chicken Biriyani, Meen Soru, Nei Soru, Jaloor Paratta, Nandu Paniyaram, Egg Paniyaram, Kari Dosa, Railway Mutton, Burma Kozhi, Annakili Meen Kulaumbu and also some Plain Parottas to go with the gravies. Jaloor Parottas were the first to be served. They were fabulous. We loved the texture of the paotta and also the nice chicken filling in it. Following which we were served with Egg Paniyaram and Nandu Paniyaram. The Egg Paniyaram was nice, just the way it is served at home. The Nandu Paniyaram was a little disappointing to taste. It lacked the taste or the smell of the Nandu in it. Tasted very close to the egg paniyaram. Meen Soru was my favorite of the lot. Mixed with Annakili Meen Kulaumbu it was a great combination. Annakili Meen Kulaumbu was flavorful. In between all this eating we were served with the Kari Dosai. The Dosai was thick with loads of meat spread on it. The taste reminded me of my grandmom's cooking. After trying some good dishes we moved on to eating the Mannpannai Chicken Biriyani & the Nei Soru. The Biriyani was delicious, but its not the kind of biriyani which we are served in weddings. Nei Sooru had the ghee smell to it, but the rice was a tad under cooked. We sampled the Railway Mutton Curry and Burma Kozhi with the plain parottas. The Burma Kozhi was the favorite of the lot. The gravy was thick with nice small boneless pieces of chicken. It made a rich combination with the hot, thick, fluffy parotta. The Railway Mutton Curry was a little disappointing. The gravy was more a like a rich pepper gravy but the mutton pieces were very bony. Once we were done with our meal, there was one thing running in my mind. Are the pieces meant to be bony or did they have an off day.

The meal for 9 of us put us back by Rs 4127/-. Dunno if I would say it was worth it, but I would definitely like to try this place again as this place comes highly recommended by other foodies.

Food - 6/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Price - 7.5/10

Jakob's Kitchen is located in Khader Nawaz Khan Road above Jaavids Kebabs and Kurries.

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