Special Chocolate Sunday Brunch @ Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt, Velachery, Chennai

Nothing puts a smile on my face on a Sunday morning than a fantastic full spread Brunch. But that smile was made even bigger by the absolutely lip-smacking chocolate infused dishes at the Flying Elephant. Yes, I am talking about the simply mesmerising Special Chocolate Brunch at Flying Elephant. I really don't have words to explain the feeling of elation which I had at the end of the meal. As the breakfast at the Dining Room at Park Hyatt was spectacular, this takes it a notch higher.

The Sunday Brunch at Flying Elephant has always been special. I would go on to say, that it is the best brunch in the city at its price point. When something is already really good, the room to improve it further is really not necessary. But that was not the case here. Park Hyatt has taken the already excellent brunch and made it outstanding. But how? Simply decided to run an experimental fusion menu. I bet finding a person who hates the Chocolate flavour or Chocolate as such, is quite hard. Why not throw that into the dishes. Try a twist. Wolaaa!!! You get the Special Brunch.

Bring special Chocolates from all across the globe, play with the local fresh ingredients Badabing! BadaBoom!!! This lands you with Chocolate Paneer Tikka, Chocolate Risotto, Chocolate Chicken Pizza just to name a few.

There was this fear in my mind that the chocolate flavour will be overpowering, thus killing the essence of Indian dishes. But I must say the chefs have played with Chocolate in a very different manner. It's as if the chocolate is there, but then it's not there. It was very mild, more like an after taste which was brilliant.

One of the dishes which is etched in my mind is the Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt. Deconstructing the dish - Chocolate cake with nice grains of sea salt followed by mascapone followed by a chocolate biscuit. Now when you bite into it, you land up with the Sweet chocolate first followed by the lovely mascapone and finally the Salt which balances out the sweetness. It was simply decadent. Mind boggling to think about the way it was constructed. All in all it was a fantastic meal. I would totally recommend this brunch for its uniqueness

I must appreciate Park Hyatt for willing to try out such a daring menu and pulling it off. This special brunch was brought about by Park Hyatt along with Nitin of Chocotrait. Kudos to you guys.

The ambiance here is simply stunning as always.

Non-alcoholic brunch: INR 2,295 + taxes
Alcoholic brunch: INR 3,295 + taxes
Champagne brunch: INR 7,295 + taxes

Disclaimer : Invited review

Park Hyatt is located on the entrance of Velachery High Road on Guindy.

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