Goa Portuguesa, KNK Road

Goa Portuguesa is the newly opened restaurant on the Food Street of Chennai aka Khader Nawaz Khan Road. It is located at the place which once housed 5 Senses. I really do miss 5 Senses. But times have changed and now we have Goa Portuguesa. Guess this the first - a cuisine introduction of sorts at Chennai. I had recently fallen in love with the goan spices and peri-peri masala during my visit to Goa. So I was hoping a dine here would refresh my memory of the flavors.

Since the gang had a mix of people, that is - veggies and non-veggies, we ordered a mix of both. For starters we had the Golden Fried Squid, Corn and Spinach Tartlets and Paneer Bali Bali. Golden Fried Squid was quite simply delicious and was gentle reminder of Batter Fried Squid at Moon Rakers. I did not sample the Corn and Spinach Tartlets, and left the veggies to enjoy them. Finally the Paneer Bali Bali which had soft paneer dunked in a sauce which was some what similar to peri-peri. Both the paneer and the sauce were tasty, but separately, as the sauce just failed to bind with the paneer.

For main course the non-veggies ordered Peri-peri Chicken with rice, the same with fish for myself, Goan Fish Curry, Steamed Rice and finally Jeera Rice to go with the Mixed Vegetable Gravy. I did not sample the veg items so I would not comment on it. The Peri-Peri Chicken and Fish with Rice is a single serving main course. The flavors of both chicken and fish were similar, its a matter of personal preference. The peri-peri masala was nice, but a little off from what I had experienced at Goa. Finally the Goan Fish Curry with Steamed Rice. This is the best combo to have the Fish Curry was authentic with right amount of coconut milk and a mild vinegar taste. The combo of Steamed rice with fresh pieces of fish was just blissful. We were too stuffed to try the desserts.

The place looks like it has had a small make-over to house the new restaurant. Also the number seats has definitely taken a hit. If the weather is perfect, I would strongly you to dine outdoor.

The service was pretty decent. Since it is a new restaurant, it should improve with time.

This meal cost us Rs 2750/- which is reasonable for a restaurant located on KNK Road.

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7/10

Goa Portuguesa is located in KNK Road in the building which used to house 5 Senses.

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