Southern Aromas, Residency Towers, T - Nagar

I know this is long over due. With examinations around the corner, I have been restricting myself to all reviews and also have been trying really hard not carry, my cam around when I head out to eat. Restrictions and constraints are all self imposed for sometime, until I am done with my exams next month and hopefully come back with a bang on the food scene.
Southern Aromas in Residency Towers is one of the lesser known restaurants inside the hotel. I have been here numerous number of times and my adventures have been limited to buffet at Main Street. Southern Aromas is the speciality south Indian restaurant which places the emphasis on food from Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and finally Tamil Nadu.

On entering we were served with a welcome drink which had no relations to the South Indian cuisine. Leaving that aside, rest of the meal was really great. We were also served with some crispy papads with some assorted chutney to go with.

This first dish to be served to us was the Malli Vada, This was one of a kind vada in a different triangular shape. Crispy exterior and sooper soft interior. Top notch, a must have snack.

Then came some carnivorous diet in the form of Kerala style Mutton and Andhra style Jumbo Prawns. Prawns were fantastic, juicy and spicy, me being a sucker for prawns loved it even more than ever. The Mutton on the other hand was a little different, it had a late heat to it. It took a solid 2 minutes for the heat to hit you.

Next came the Coriander Chicken Fry, apparently a Kerala speciality. The dish was very simple with crunchy outer cover made with Coriander seeds and then bathed lovingly in a pool of oil to produce a simply lip smacking dish.

We were also served with Masala Mini Idly, this dish had nothing going wrong against it, but I would not order such a dish, I would rather have it at home on a lazy sunday morning.

For the main course we served with Dosas, Aapam, Idiaapam, Kothu Parotta and a Biryani. The Idiaapam went well with the Vegetable Stew, Aapam and Dosa were fabulous with the Chicken Curry. We were also served with Garlic Gravy ( Poondu Gravy ) which produced a fantastic combo with the Dosa. Kothu Parotta had just the right spices. The Ambur Biryani was the dish which I liked the most. This biryani had nothing related to Ambur, but I loved the flavors. Finally we were served with a Tender Coconut Pudding which was a bliss. Fabulous way to end a fantastic meal.
Dishes to have:
1. Dosa and Garlic Gravy
2. Malli Vada
3. Andhra Style Jumbo Prawns
4. Ambur Biryani - if you like something different

Very elegantly done interiors with influence of Chettinad architecture. But needs a little fizz to revitalize the decor.

A meal for two should set us back by Rs2000/- which is a decent price to pay for great food.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Price - 7/10

Southern Aromas is located inside Residency Towers in T-Nagar.

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