The Coronet, Adyar

My search for biryani took yet another turn. This time around I was hunting for biryani in Adyar. After taking some valuable suggestions from people of CFG, I narrowed down my choices between The Coronet and The Runs, since both had a rich heritage and have stood the test of time. The only deciding factor for me was the availability of parking space. Since I could easily locate a parking for my vehicle near the Coronet, it clinched the deal. A nice group of 9 people decided to dine in the A/C section of the restaurant.

We kick started the lunch with Dragon Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Spicy Fish for the non-vegetarians and Gobi 65 for the vegetarian. The first dish which I tasted was the Dragon Chicken. One bite and I realized this could not be a dragon chicken for any point of view. It had a Manjapodi (Turmeric) taste to it. The Chicken Tikka was decent, with some pieces being slightly charred. Spicy Fish did not feel spicy, had the same Manjapodi taste and also it had the old fishy smell. I hoped it would be better with the Vegetarians, who too gave the thumbs down to the Gobu 65. After a disappointing round of starters, one could just hope that the main course would be better.

For main course we had gone in with the Mughal Mutton Biryani, Tandoori Roti, Butter Chicken and Kadai Chicken for the Non-vegetarians and Chennai Veg Parotta and Aloo Paneer for the Vegetarians. The round of main course was a total disappointment. The biryani was more like colored rice. The Butter Chicken lacked any of the qualities for it to be one, this dish too had the same Manjapodi taste to it. Finally the Kadai Chicken was a full blown Manjapodi dish. I enquired with the veggies if they had a better stint, only to receive a thumbs down. The entire meal was a disaster after disaster.

The A/C hall was light with yellow LED lights with a inclusion of Blue LEDs here and there, giving the entire hall a blue yellow theme. Not very up market I would say.

Service too was a little disappointing, with the waiters being very slow to respond to our requests.

Now coming to the price, the entire disaster cost us Rs 2700/-. For meal like this?????... Would I go back, You must be crazy!!!

Food - 3/10
Ambiance - 5/10
Service - 5/10
Price - 5/10

The Coronet is located in Adyar next to the L.B. Road signal

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