Hoppipola, Spring Hotel, Nungumbakkam, Chennai

Chennai bar food scene is finally warming up to a lot of new players. More choices, better for the consumer. Newest entrant into the scene is Hoppipola - A bar which wants to put the fun back into your life. A table which doubles up as a blackboard. Super sized Jenga for the Jenga fans. Mini golf, Taboo and various other games, plus a collection of Comics. Yes definitely this does put some recreation back into the life. Maybe they should instate no phones rule, like the no stags rule :P A place which looks like a garden with some fine sounding audio setup playing tracks to groove to. This is the scene at Hoppipola.

As always I picked my magic portion, Peachy Mangifera, a spicy mock-tail and a Virgin Pina Colada. While my friend had a Orange Passion Frappe & Virgin Pina Colada and the sole drinker had the Watermelon - Basil Caprioshkas. The Peachy Mangifera had a nice spicy zing to it and the Pina Colada was out of the world. Finally a proper Pina Colada with good coconut juice.

The meal kicked off with Jah Man's Chicken, which was breaded chicken with Jamaican spices. Crispy and tasty but a little dry for my liking. Next up was the sole veg dish, which was the Cheesienos, which was essentially a crisp fried cheese stick.

Following this we had the Wassa Tokyo and Lambada. Wassa Tokyo was golden fried prawns served on skewers - simply delicious and the Lambada was lamb patty served on a pita bread served with a dash of exotic veggies. It was scrumptious.

For mains we had a Chicken Blasta Pasta, 4 ways Pizza and a Lamburgini Burger. The Blasta Pasta had quiet a chilly hit to it. Kind of oil soaked as well. But still pretty decent.

Pizza 4 ways was two veg pizzas and two non-veg pizzas put-together. The veg pizzas were Margarita and Cheesie Pizznezz while the carnivore part had the Lambretta and Jerkin Around. Getting to sample so many different kinds of pizzas on a single base was a first for us. Nice thin crust worked in the toppings favour.

Finally we had the Lamburgini Burger which kind was a let down. Thin patty which was on the drier side and the bun to patty ratio also did not help the cause. But presentation wise it looked brilliant. French fries served Jenga style was quite nice.

For desserts we had the Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream Cake and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake served along with a Vanilla Ice Cream. Both pretty decent desserts to finish up a meal.

This was something which I enjoyed the most. Had crazy fun playing Jenga and mini golf.

A meal for two should cost around Rs 1500 - 2000 including a round of drinks.

Disclaimer : Invited review.

Hoppipola is located inside Hotel Spring at Nungumbakkam.

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