Burgundy's, MRC Nagar

It had been a while since I had caught up with my Undergrad batch mates. So one fine evening we decided to meet up at Burgundy's for dinner and do some catching up. We entered the restaurant half past 9 pm, only to notice the place was packed. But since we were a small group of four, we were seated quickly. We settled  for the buffet, as we were starving and wanted to start immediately.

We were immediately served with Chicken Broth Soup. Not the best broth, but then if you had a cold it would definitely clear it. Then we were served with a portion of Papadi Chat and Bhel Puri. Both these chat seemed like namesake dishes. I could only wonder why they were included. Guess you need them to attract the North Indians and Chat lovers. It seemed terribly out of place and the taste was not appetizing.

Then entered the boneless masala chicken. The boneless chicken reminded me of the chicken which my grandmom makes. It was soft and tender and melted in the mouth. One thing which I knew about the buffet was the presence of Pizzas. I knew for sure that they would not disappoint me. The chicken and veg pizza were the next to be served. They were good but they were not as great as the ones which are served at Tuscana. But then again, this was part of a buffet. So I had nothing much to complain about it. We would have had atleast four of the chicken pizzas.

The buffet spread was neat with a mix of Indian and Continental items. One of the dish which stood out  was the Barbecue Chicken. The chicken was well marinated in the BBQ sauce, and cooked to perfection. One could never stop with just a single bite. The combination of the chicken and Garlic Naan was fabulous. One other dish which I liked was beef, which was cooked in pepper sauce. Even though it was a little hard, I found it delicious. I guess the hardness was due to the dish cooling down. Biryani which was part of the buffet, could not be called as one. But then again I have become used to tomato rice-kind biryanis at buffets.

By the time we went for the desserts it was a quarter past 11pm. With most of the dessert  dishes being empty or close to being empty, we grabbed what was left of them. The selection of desserts served were quite peculiar, most of the cakes served were dry cakes. It would have been better if moist cakes were chosen over the dry ones. Finally came our ice creams. We chose to go with the houses recommendation. We were served with a awesome bitter chocolate ice cream and a fantastic black current ice cream. Two of the people who accompanied me, did not seem to like the taste of the chocolate. They kept complaining that it was way tooo bitter, but to me it was just right. Overall the dinner was an okay affair.

The place looks every bit a fine dinning restaurant. The outdoor dining is quite simply fantastic. The air conditioning in the indoors could be worked upon. We found it a little warm.

Service was spot on, we did not have any worries with it.

Priced at around Rs 975 / head inclusive of taxes for the weekend dinner. If food is your top priority, there are other options were you could binge for a much lesser price. The buffet spread here seemed to have been prepared with an idea of keeping it within a certain budget in mind and this made none of the courses of the meal outstanding.

Food - 5.5/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 6/10

Burgundy's is located in MRC Nagar opposite to Hotel Leela Palace

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