Marry Brown, Ispahani Centre, Nungumbakkam

Marry Brown used to be one of the spots where I used to hang-out frequently, when I was in school. One of the main reasons being, the lovely crispy fried chicken, which used to remind me of  KFC at Bangalore, since this was the only city in India to have KFC way back then.  But when Marry Brown was opened in Chennai, they were able to capture the magic of the crispy fried chicken to an extent. This made the people who longed for crispy chicken to head over here. With their monopoly in the city,  Marry Brown enjoyed their success for a long time. But with the entrance of Big Giant and other rip offs its been tough going for Marry Brown. I myself have not visited a Marry Brown joint in the last couple of years. So when I was invited for a CFG Showcase, it was really intriguing for me to find out how they had changed over the years.

Since I am a proper non-veggie, I ll just stick to describing the non-veg dishes. We started off with the Chicken Poppers, which is something similar to your Popcorn Chicken, served in a small box which resembles the popcorn boxes given in theaters. Taste just okay!

Before the next non-veg starter could arrive we were served with some veggie starters, which I am not mentioning. Next up we were served with chicken lollypop. It seemed to have the same recipe as the crispy fried chicken but only a little less spicy. Overall taste just okay. It was served with a weird sauce, which is best said as a sweet sauce with chili flakes. I would recommend you to skip this.

Next came the Buffalo wings. Buffalo wings that I know is  a spicy tomato sauce based chicken which is grilled. But this was your wing pieces cooked in the same way as the crispy chicken again with no spiciness to it. Overall one thing was missing in the starters which was salt. Maybe they thought we were hypertensive patients. After the different varieties of crispy chicken we were served with chicken nuggets. Taste ? Nothing to write home about.

Then came the French Fries in a match-box kind of container. We were served with two different varieties. One being dabbed with Cream & Onion while the other had a dash of Mexican spices. Both imparted good flavor to the french fries. It reminded me of the toppings for popcorn which we use in Satyam Cinemas.

After some average starters, we moved onto  the main course. We were served with the familiar Crispy Fried Chicken and Zinger Burger. For one the chicken was less on oil and had a good spicy taste. Two, the bun used in the Zinger Burger did not break and fall apart. Two ticks here for these. Two standard dishes at MB maintaining their standards.

After a ton of chicken in our belly, we were served with the newly introduced Mango Smoothie. Many felt it was right, but to me, it would have been great if it were  a lot thicker. Then came two different deserts. The jelly with ice cream was decent. While the brownie with ice cream was disappointing. Since I had tasted both veg and non-veg, I somehow felt the veg dishes were better than  the non-veg. Overall the food was decent.

After the dinner, the management was all ears to take a note of all what we had to tell them. Hope they bring about swift changes to bring up the standards.

The ambiance remains unchanged for over 12years. The place is a great remainder of where we used to hang-out during the school days. Lovely Memories!

Dishes here are priced decently. A meal for two should cost around Rs 500/-.

Food - 5.5/10
Ambiance - 5/10
Price - 6/10

Marry Brown-Ispahani Centre, is located in the ground floor of the mall.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.

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